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What's More Valuable?

Brides custom gown hanging from a chandelier in one of the small ball rooms at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC

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Man this is really beautiful. One of the best photos of a dress I've ever seen. For that I give you a 5!

cheers Patrick, check my comment below for some more details

just amazing...light is so beautiful ..everywhere, it's cinematic !
5 stars for me, cant do better :)

Has such a high class feel and in such original and ornate surroundings.
Superb work, well done

thanks so much guys.
it's hard to tell from the pic, but the bottom of the chandelier is about 20ft from the ground. So you can imagine how difficult it was to get this thing hung. As per Lee's comments in the video, it actually took 30+ minutes to get this shot. Best part of it was when the GM of the hotel walked by and saw it, he said "that's going to be an amazing shot, but you realize that's a $5,000,000 chandelier" to which i replied "You realize I have a bride getting married i this dress in under 3 hours"

The dress itself is a one off Amsale Bridal I do believe, as that is who my client was working for at the time.

Holy wow, love this image. Definitely sharing this article :-)

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