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Dark Knight

The bold and sexy Murano ventures into the unknown of suburbia! Seriously though, I must admit I actually adore the curves of this car, this is image 2 of the shoot - the first one is nice and light, I loved the dark and moody look this image had!

Photo-nerd stats: Tripod'd with DIY cam ranger, 5D mk3 and the 24-70mm f2.8. 10 stop ND on the front with a CPL. This entire shot was made around dusk, not even dark yet, this allowed for me to ensure more detail in the shadows - I find twilight shots and natural dark is often too noisey for any real use, so I deliberately kill light and then overpower the ambient with the ND filter. My first shot of this I used strobes, and lit with an assistant every damn panel/crevice/detail. After doing that we were hungry and the promise of beer to bribe a friend into working for me was heavy. We did a test run and the aperture LED panel did a stellar job of giving me the details I needed. The final shot need approx 17 frames to create this, a far cry from the 44 needed for the lighter version.

Stuff I learned during this shoot: hold off bribing assistants with beer and food till the last possible minute (as they're walking off set), works best. Protip: adjust your CPL before jamming on the ND10 and always ALWAYS turn on the lights of the car so you don't have to do a photoshop job :(

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