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Letting Him Go

Bridal portrait from the Oregon Coast.

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Amazing scene!

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Excellent work, love it.

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Very nice work!

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The bride looks like she belongs in the scene. It is not forced. Very well done.

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Thanks Jeremiah! It's one of my faves. She was an awesome bride.

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Really nice. Any info how it was made ?

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Two images blended together... the slow exposure of the water blur and the lit image of the bride. Blogging a BTS of this is on my "to do" list!

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is there any bts?

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Sorry man, I usually shoot alone so I don't get much BTS captured. Getting better at it though!

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It looks like a painting! It's a masterpiece!!

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Thanks Matteo, that means a lot! I have a canvas print of it in my studio and it looks especially like a painting on that medium :)

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Thanks mate!

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Beautiful work

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Wow!!!! Love love love this. bravo!

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This is really well done!