Chasing Obama: A Day In The Life Of A Reuters Photographer On The Campaign Trail

With the United States' presidential election decided with Barack Obama as the winner, I thought the timing would be perfect to share this video created by Reuters' White House photographer Jason Reed. Jason follows the president on his campaign trail, and offers some interesting behind the scenes views of a job that most of us dream of having. While not an earth-shattering video, it gives us a better idea of how many hats a modern photojournalist must wear, and how incredibly hectic it gets when photographing the world's largest election. I know I'd probably sprout a few grey hairs after spending a few days on Jason's schedule!

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Despite how fast paced it seems, I would love to have this job! 

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 Snappy comeback, Kevs...

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What does this have to do with the video? Which, by the way, has nearly nothing to do with politics, only this guy's photojournalism job.

yeah he changed ???? wtf ????

dont buy from china and support local suply and you get all your jobs back ...

voting is easy today

you vote with money

a german guy (we got the same problems....)

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"A Day in the Life of a Reuters machine gunner..."

too short and not behind the scenes enough.