Trump's Re-shoots in a Dangerous Time

Photo ops don't always go they way they're supposed to, especially if the photograph is taken in dangerous times. In fact, some of the most famous photographs in history are the product of a re-shoot. Sometimes though, the re-shoot still puts lives at risk.

Most of you who are interested in photography are aware that the image of U.S. Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima is the product of an impromptu or unintentional re-shoot. A smaller flag had already been raised, but U.S. brass coming ashore a short time later asked for a larger, more impressive flag to be flown over the victory. The first flag was raised under fire, the second after the fighting had died down.

Iwo Jima's first flag. Lowery. Public Domain.

Rosenthal's famous image of the second flag raising on Iwo Jima. Public Domain.

Yevgeny Ananyevich Khaldei's image of the Soviet flag being raised over the Reichstag in 1945 is also cited as a product of a re-shoot. The Soviet flag was initially raised in the evening of April 30, 1945. It was far too dark and the fighting too intense to capture the moment on film. Days later, the image was re-shot after the building and surrounding area were finally pacified. Of note, the smoke was added to make it look like the battle was still ongoing. Khaldei also removed a second wrist band from the supporting solider's forearm in order to avoid the claim that the Soviet's would loot from dead German soldiers. If you look closely enough, you can see soldiers milling about on the ground. The photo was staged after fighting in the immediate area had died down.

Khaldei's image of the Soviet flag over the Reichstag.

The importance of these images is hard to ignore. Even with their importance in mind, they still weren't taken until the fighting had died down.

Returning to the White House with the flourish of a conquering hero, Trump or his staffers decided that his return was worth the risk to both Trump and his staff shooting the images.

After making his way to the balcony and then inside, Trump partially returned to the balcony, surrounded by photographers and camera crews to shoot. Trump is not wearing a mask at this point and is not physically distanced from his staff.  

I guess the question here is: will Trump's images become significant enough to justify the risk the photographers had to take?

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Jeremy Lusk's picture

Trump = clicks and comments and makes people argue and hate each other. I get it, this will get dozens or hundreds of comments. But please, fstoppers, resist the clickbait. Someone is clearly thinking “how can we wedge another Trump post into a photography mold” and it’s bad for the community.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

I hear you. I tried to put it into context, and, slot it under news. Most of my articles don't fit in this mold, but, the moment I saw it I started thinking about Iwo Jima and Berlin.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Ha, no! There is one side that is polluting the streets, the news and social media to no end and can't tolerate the other side posting any common sense. Please don't ask the free press to shut up.

James Michael's picture

Regardless which side you're referring to, and we all know which one that is, your comment is intolerant, hateful and lacking common sense.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

And by saying this, so does yours, unless of course you are playing some sarcastic humor

James Michael's picture

You, and others, constantly denigrating the character of others, implies you're somehow better. You're not. Neither am I. I prefer to use humor when possible but there's nothing funny about the way you people treat people you don't even know.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Well you tell me, I ask for fairness and you call me intolerant. You keep coming making my point!

James Michael's picture

Perhaps your argument was too subtle. Where are you asking for fairness? Because I'd like some of that, too.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

No problem, here it is in my reply to Jeremy above: "Please don't ask the free press to shut up"

James Michael's picture

Who are you referring to as "the free press"? Fstoppers authors? I'm not sure how that relates to the rest of your reply to Jeremy.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

I suggest you ask Jeremy to specify what he means in a way that would be more clear to you.

James Michael's picture

Agree or not, it seems pretty clear to me. What's confusing to me is your response, "There is one side that is polluting the streets, the news and social media to no end and can't tolerate the other side posting any common sense." I'm not sure how that relates to "don't ask the free press to shut up."

While it would be easy to assume he's pro-Trump, I don't think you can know that from what he wrote. It's just as likely that, like me, he would like articles on a Photography Blog to be about Photography and not use the weakest of links to comment on politics.

AA Pang's picture

I guess you not caring is the reason for the perpetual BS you come up with.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Well, it is what it is.

Jeremy Lusk's picture

My point is that regardless of however else I feel about Trump he’s undeniably polarizing. The mention of his name makes people on a photography website or any other go at each other like nothing else. This equals more engagement for the site, so they might be tempted to post more about him under some pretty flimsy pretenses. Not always, but often. It’s low hanging fruit for them. So rather than yell at strangers on the internet, I’d rather we all focus on what unites us.

Michael Comeau's picture

I heard Trump shoots Fuji please write an article about it.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

No way. For sure he shoots something that could be made in the U.S., but, that he sources cheaper overseas. This makes me wonder if the whole Kodak investment thing means he will only be shooting Kodak in the future. A new camera? With a special selfie lens adapter, as that is the only images he captures?

Mike Shwarts's picture

Your Kodak comment makes me think that if he really wants to make America great again, then he needs to bring back Kodachrome (135 and 120 format).

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

I'm all for that! Maybe some instant film for medium format?

Alex Herbert's picture

I think he'd also photograph Bald Eagles, but with himself also in shot.

Francis Drake's picture

Don't know what film he uses but the skin tones seriously lean towards orange.

Paul Parkinson's picture

Trump = "Wheezy Mussolini"... The whole balcony thing was straight out of Il Duce's playbook plus he was gasping like a fish out of water after these images were shot

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

I can't believe that some of the media compared him to FDR and Churchill. I like your allusion better.

James Michael's picture

This comment belies your response to Jeremy.

Adam Rubinstein's picture

Wait, I thought this was "news" and not political? Dunsmuir, your fraudian (purposeful) slip is showing.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

It is news. I found it interesting how it touches on photography and dangers associated with it. Like I said, it immediately made me think of Iwo Jima and Berlin.

My response to a comment is not part of my article. However, I thought that the Mussolini comment was amusing and certain media references to FDR and Churchill appalling. You're right, I suppose that is in part political, but, I also think it has a historical bent, which I also find interesting.

AA Pang's picture

More Fstoppers writers resorting to such articles to drive traffic. This site and Petapixel mostly run the same stories within a few days anyway.

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