Dramatic Retouching: A Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to make your images look more dramatic using simple techniques in Photoshop.

Photo manipulation is a world of endless creativity where you can create almost anything that you can imagine.  The first step to opening up these possibilities is learning what Photoshop can do for you and to keep an open and imaginative mind. Sometimes, that is hard when you are in the learning phase because you have so much to learn regarding all of the software tools at your disposal. Once you find your way around Photoshop a little better, you can get on with all of your creative endeavors.

In this fantastic video, Nemanja Sekulic walks you through the process of adding drama to your images with just a few simple steps. Beginning with a few tweaks in Camera Raw, the image is then opened in Photoshop and Nemanja discusses the techniques required to make the subject really stand out from the background. As you will see, this is not a one-step process, and you will learn many techniques which will be useful in their own right separately, but when combined as seen in this tutorial, the power is evident in the final results.

Kim Simpson's picture

Kim Simpson is a photographer based in the West of Scotland. Her photographic practice is an exploration of the human experience, with a particular emphasis on themes of identity and belonging.

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Just... why not? There are many out there who love a more dramatic look to their images, and its great to know *how* to do something rather than question the why. Each to their own.