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Say I Do to the Right Equipment for Wedding Photography

In scenarios where you don’t get a second chance at capturing that photo, such as a proposal or a first kiss moment, you need trustworthy and high-quality equipment. In this article, we discuss the best equipment and tools for wedding photographers.

All Apple Everything: Shooting and Editing Video with Full Apple Workflow

As an experienced photographer, I have spent a career focusing on mostly still images, not paying much attention to video. With the help of the Apple ecosystem, I have found an accessible way to say yes to the question, "Do you shoot video?". This article discusses the quality and convenience of an all-Apple workflow, which begins with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Sleek and Modern: Here is why you Should Print your Images on Metal

Every photographer knows that moment when you realize you have created a special image. Those images deserve to be printed, and there are times when paper and frames just won't do. Metal Prints take the art of printing to the next level. In this article, we discuss why you might want to invest in Metal Prints.

New Year's Resolutions That Photographers Should Make Going Into 2024

As we bid farewell to another year and welcome the possibilities of a new chapter, photographers around the world are gearing up for fresh challenges and adventures. In this article, we'll explore six New Year's resolutions tailored for photographers seeking to elevate their practice in 2023.

Composition Tips When Using a 24-70mm Zoom Lens

The 24-70mm lens is highly coveted by photographers from all backgrounds due to the array of possibilities with this wide to mid range zoom. Photographer Julia Trotti shares key composition tips to help get the most out of the range of this zoom lens.

Portraits of a Place: An Exclusive Interview With Simon Murphy, Photographer Behind the Must-See 'Govanhill' Exhibition

We catch up with photographer Simon Murphy who currently has a major exhibition of his work, having cast his lens on the Govanhill area of Glasgow over the last 20 years. Learn key insights into his methods, how he connected with members of this diverse community, and what advice he would pass on to photographers seeking to embark on long-form documentary projects.

How to Fix Blurry Photos in Lightroom and Capture One

Have you ever taken an image that looked great on the back of the camera, but upon closer inspection on a larger screen, was found to be slightly out of focus? This is a very frustrating position to be in as a photographer. This tutorial provides options to help reduce blurriness and enhance texture and detail in your images.

Unfold The Beauty of Layflat Photo Books

There are many options out there for printing and presenting your images. In this article, we look at the multitude of benefits of creating a Layflat Photo Book and shed light on why they are fast becoming a favorite amongst professional photographers looking for a budget-minded alternative to Flush Mount Albums.

Student Photography Awards Do Not Cater for All Photography Students

The Sony World Photography Awards, a recognized platform for emerging talents, has come under scrutiny for its age limit policies within its Student award category. There's a growing concern about the fairness of age limits that exclude mature students, with questions raised about imposing an upper age limit of 30 years for participants in the student category.

How to Enhance Freckles in Photoshop

There are a number of reasons why freckles may look washed out in portrait photography. This tutorial provides you with the knowledge and skills to enhance existing freckles.

A Pro Photographer's Guide To Self-Publishing Photobooks

Self-publishing a photo book can be a daunting endeavor. In this video from The Photographic Eye, hear from photographers who have self-published with minimal upfront costs and even turned a profit.

What Photographers Really Want for Christmas

Please, no more mugs shaped like lenses. No more photography pun t-shirts. Photographers, filmmakers, and content creators; send this article to the gift givers in your life for some handy hints on what gifts you would actually like to receive.

An In-Depth Preview of the Alice Camera

The Alice Camera is hailed as the camera for creators, boasting the ability to streamline your workflow and make you grow faster. Is it all it is advertised to be? This hands-on preview tells all.