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From the Archives: Stories From Life Magazine's Greatest Photographers

Life magazine was known for its large format photojournalism. In 1984, filmmaker David Hoffman made this not-to-be-missed television documentary about the history of Life, which included interviews with some of their greatest photojournalists. It's just as interesting today, if not more, than it would have been back then.
Using a Simple LED Light Setup During a Portrait Session

Remove the complications and long lists of equipment that you think you need to create stunning portraits. Look at what Irene Rudnyk can achieve shooting with this simple LED light set up in her living room.

The History of Extreme High Speed Photography

What does an atomic detonation look like with a 1/1,000,000 s exposure? If you drop milk onto a red table, do you make art? This article holds an interesting discussion about high speed photography.

Exposure or Exploitation? The Problem With Working for Free as a Photographer

Being asked to work for free can be a frustrating experience for photographers who have invested years of hard work and dedication to master their craft. In a time where equipment and running costs are so high, it has never been so important to politely decline requests to work for free.

Cyanotype Printing: Is It Photography, and How Do You Do It?

Explore the Art of the Cyanotype. In this article, we examine the step-by-step process of cyanotype printing and its place within the realm of photography. You can decide for yourself if you agree whether this is a photographic medium or not.

The Pursuit of Truth: Will AI Prompt a Return to Film Photography?

Are we living in a post-truth era of photography, where the authenticity and reliability of images have become questionable? Given the rise in AI’s association with photography and the ease with which photos can be altered, it might be worth considering a return to the use of traditional film as a means to regain trust and ensure the integrity of photography.

The Twitter Killer: Will Threads Spell the End for Twitter?

Mark Zukerberg and the people over at Meta have just launched the new Instagram-adjacent app, Threads, which sees scores of photographers jumping ship from Twitter. Here, we unpack our initial thoughts on the new contender on the social scene.