An In-Depth Preview of the Alice Camera

The Alice Camera is hailed as the camera for creators, boasting the ability to streamline your workflow and make you grow faster. Is it all it is advertised to be? This hands-on preview tells all.

A game-changer for how you create, edit, and share content. It is said that the Alice Camera gives you the quality of a mirrorless camera with the simplicity and connectivity of a smartphone. This description has certainly piqued the interest of many who have added themselves to the pre-order list.

This video from Emily of the Micro Four Nerds YouTube channel takes viewers on a thorough and practical run-through of this camera, from first impressions out of the box to taking it out and about on the streets. Emily gives a rundown of the specifications of the camera for both stills and video, discussing the hardware, focusing, and the suitability of the Alice Camera as an everyday carry. She includes information on what uses this camera will be perfect for and crucially includes information on whom this camera will not suit.

This is an interesting and informative overview, which will be sure to answer many questions that those of you considering investing in an Alice Camera system might have.

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Kim Simpson is a photographer based in the West of Scotland. Her photographic practice is an exploration of the human experience, with a particular emphasis on themes of identity and belonging.

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Interesting. However if I connect my A6400 to my phone with the Sony app using the remote control setting, I can use the camera in the normal way and it will automatically send copies of the photos to the phone. For unimportant stuff, I'm ready to post them. I have two problems with the app. The first is not all phones will upload jpeg and raw. Jpeg only on some phones. Second, there is a short delay after each shot while the photo goes to the phone. The biggest advantage I see is the A6400 has one SD card slot, so the phone acts as backup storage even if it is just a jpeg.

For people who mostly use a phone and posting, texting and emailing images is a big deal, the Alice Camera makes sense.

The Alice wont be for everyone but it certainly has honed in on a specific market and has a very valid place. I'm looking forward to seeing more from the Alice Camera.