Behind the Scenes on a Natural Light Beach Photoshoot: Learn How to Pose a Model

A behind-the-scenes look at a breathtaking natural light beach photoshoot: join Irene Rudnyk and model Donna as they capture the essence of sunlit beauty on the shores of Virginia Key in Miami. Get ready for a journey of creativity and inspiration.

The journey begins with a dress made from a piece of soft fabric, paired with a DIY shell necklace. Against the backdrop of Virginia Key's serene beaches, Uma Thurman's iconic moment in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" stands as the inspiration behind this shoot.

Witness Rudnyk’s expert guidance as she directs model Donna through a series of poses, encouraging natural movements that blend with the coastal surroundings. Throughout the video, Rudnyk shares valuable insights on her process from posing through to editing techniques, including the creation of a faux golden hour effect, allowing viewers to peek behind the curtain of her artistic process.

This video is a front-row seat to the artistic collaboration between the model and photographer. Watch this session from start to finish to gain insight into Rudnyk’s process of how to interact with location photoshoots. Communication is important in the flow of a photoshoot and is something that you pick up yourself over time. However, being able to see how successful photographers work is valuable in your learning journey.

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Kim Simpson is a photographer based in the West of Scotland. Her photographic practice is an exploration of the human experience, with a particular emphasis on themes of identity and belonging.

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