Get the Most out of Photoshop With These Free Brush Bundles

Paying a monthly fee to use Adobe products is still a hard pill for some photographers to swallow. For those that want to sweeten the deal and get your money's worth, these free bundles are for you.

Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski is back once again with another insightful video series where he talks about getting the most out of an Adobe subscription. This week he explores the myriad of high-quality brush bundles that are available for free to all Adobe subscribers. He also shows how easy it is to access these free brushes as well as demonstrating the installation process inside of Photoshop.

Kloskowski picks some of the more creative bundles available to download and uses some realistic watercolor brushes to great effect on one of his wildlife images. He then goes on to do some finishing touches in Adobe Camera Raw which helps to enhance the final image made.

I know many photographers never stray far from the regular circular brushes you find in Photoshop but there is a world of wonderful resources out there. Some of these free brushes may make your workflow so much easier. Even though the example in the video uses wildlife photography I can see these brushes being useful for all areas of the industry. There is one point in the video where Kloskowski crates some textured backgrounds using some of the brushes and I couldn't help but think how useful that could be for portrait or product photographers in the studio.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to taking advantage of brushes in Photoshop. If you tend to use just the regular stock brushes then I implore you to experiment a little. You may just be surprised by what you find.

Do you use any special brushes in Photoshop? Care to share some of your favorites? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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