Fantastic BTS Video of Pre-Wedding Shoot by Vivida

As a writer for Fstoppers I have seen a lot of behind the scenes (BTS) videos, but some of my favorites are those produced by Simeon Quarrie of Vivida. His videos are always top notch and offer the viewers a wonderful opportunity to see real shoots with actual clients while picking up lots of great tips on how he produces such great photographs.

His latest video is from a pre-wedding shoot, or as we often refer to them in the United States an engagement session. I have always admired how Quarrie goes above and beyond during these sessions and rather than just take couples to a pretty park in the neighborhood, he loves to find out their interests and make a production out of the shoot. It definitely takes more time and energy but the results are incredible.

Fstoppers Love Sick Medical Vivida 1

In speaking about the shoot, appropriately called "Love Sick" on his Vimeo page, Simeon says, "I have been afraid. Afraid to post the 'Behind The Scenes' for a project my clients and I love. Why? I have been too nervous about what people would think. I know the photographic online community can be quite brutal and critical. I kept asking myself, would one or two negative comments spiral into a deluge of negativity because a number of photographers just didn't get it?"

Fstoppers Vivida Medical Love Sick Diagram

Then later in response to one of the commenters on the page he added, "This can be the problem with social media. We can often create only what we THINK will get a positive response. Ultimately we need to create our own sense of direction."


I couldn't agree more with Quarrie. Often as photographers we hold back our own creations in fear of sharing them and being criticized. Sadly a lot of great work is produced and hidden from the public because of this. What I have found is that even when I might not be a big fan of the concept of a shoot or even the end results, I can still learn a lot from studying the work of others. Fortunately in cases like this video by Vivida not only do I get to enjoy a cool concept and view great photos but I also get to see how the team reacts with their clients, sets up lights and walks through the shoot from start to finish. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.


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He's an absolute genius, and it says a lot about our profession that someone like him is afraid to showcase how he does his work because of the probability of negative feedback. Just saw something similar from a Facebook post by Trevor Dayley, some of the comments were outrageous.

Really glad that we have people like these two who go ahead and open themselves up for that ridiculous criticism, and that we get to see their talent and learn from it.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

thats really kind. :)

Simeon Quarrie's picture

thank you Stefan

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Simeon Quarrie's picture

thanks for watching and commenting

I'm a fashion and commercial photographer and I absolutely love this conceptual driven shoot. Great concept, great production, great photoshoot, and of course, great images! Wouldn't look out of place as a commercial ad campaign.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

That means a lot Joe. You tap into something I have been focussing on. I would love to do ad campaigns. I am working towards my goal I hope

I assisted Simeon on this shoot (thats me in the grey top) and it was an amazing experience, Having watched many of Simeon's videos in the past being able to see him work and experience the fun of one of his shoots was a highlight of the year.

And now its featured on Fstoppers, the place I first saw one of his videos its a perfect full circle.

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Wow, awesome! How could the client NOT love those shots? Which is the whole point.

As for negative responses, always remember that other photographers aren't your target market. Other than constructive criticism, their opinions actually don't matter one whit.

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Thank you :) I agree totally. My worry was that the BTS would be picked up by Fstoppers and those that people would get stuck on the unconventional nature of the shoot

killing it Simeon! always enjoy your work and your stlye.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

Really appreciate your support :)

The doctors jackets are really wrinkly.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

you are right. we didn't plan on having the doctors! it was spontaneous. Grabbed the coats. They are assistants begged to be in front of the camera.

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing Simeon!

Nice lightning!