Flickr Spotlight - Happy Birthday USA!

Flickr Spotlight - Happy Birthday USA!

4th Of July is the holiday of fireworks, so there is no better time to show you some of the best fireworks images found on Flickr. Taking interesting and 'good' pictures of fireworks is not an easy thing to do (if you tried it you know what im talking about) - and the photographers featured in this post did a great job with that. Check it out!

If you took pictures of the fireworks earlier this week, feel free to share them with the rest of us on our Facebook group.

Cinderella's Castle
Photo: Matt Pasant.

75th Anniversary Fireworks - Golden Gate Bridge
Photo: Darvin Atkeson.

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks 2011 @ New York City
Photo: Steven Kelley.

Macy's 4th of July fireworks 2010, New York City
Photo: Barry Yanowitz .

King of the Road (Day one hundred eighty-five)
Photo: María Helena Carey.

A Celebration on the Hudson (2009)
Photo: Tony Shi.

Fireworks at Lake George NY
Photo: Ronaldo Cabuhat.

And the rockets red glare
Photo: Jonathan Percy.

HAPPY JULY 4TH 2009 AMERICA (EXPLORE # 408 7-4-09)
Photo: Kevin H.

San Diego at Nite w/Fireworks
Photo: John Bahu.

Fireworks 2008
Photo: Adam Fagen.

Capitol Fireworks 7.4.2008
Photo: Notley Hawkins.

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Jens Marklund's picture

Why isn't it an easy thing to do? Just put it down on something steady, use a slow shutter speed, and do it before the smoke from all the blown fireworks starts to ruin the sky.

sure its easy, its just the fact that its always nice to see pics like these :)

Great shots guys! 

I suspect these are almost all a series of well timed 'relatively' short shutters, stacked and blended. Its not that straight forward for the average user.Some are pushing the boundary of too synthetic for my taste, but I can appreciate the effort.

only two of the photo are from this year 

Wondering how many of these are composites....fireworks have to be one of the easiest things to composite.....

One of the hardest things is finding a good vantage point to shoot fireworks.  Most displays are teeming with people who are in the way and hard to get around.  The best firework shots seem to come from having access to a building with an unobstructed point of view.

i watched a backyard firework show that was pretty sick. heres my little edit -

good pictures here and i want if you have time to check my photo on Seattle