[Pics] The Best Fstoppers Facebook Group Photos of December

As many of your may know, we have a vibrant and extremely active Fstoppers Facebook Group that has grown by leaps and bounds since Lee and I launched it in late October. I have personally been blown away by the quality of many of the images posted therein. If you're looking for some inspiration, the Fstoppers Facebook Group is a great place to start.

I wanted to showcase what I considered to be the best, most well executed photos of the last month here for everyone to appreciate. Look forward to this as a monthly thing. If you have some stunning work you want to share with the Fstoppers, you might just find it here featured as one of the top shots of the month. Keep in mind, I purposely left out any of the photos currently entered in a contest, because I don't want to spoil the surprise. There was definitely one photo I wanted to include in this group, but you'll have to wait until January 3 to see it.

Edward Nunez

Avrohom Perl

Brian Storey

Conner Surdi

Elliott Montello

Levy Moroshan

Nicholas Dunn

Zia Vey

Juan Rebalcava

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Jack Strutz's picture

brotogs reppin.

Edward Nunez's picture

wow i cant believe my work is here !! this is a dream for me! thank you Fstoppers thank you so much!! 

Elliott Montello's picture

Thank you very much for featuring my piece in this collection of amazing work! much respect for all the other artists in this post and to fstoppers. Happy new year.

Avrohom Perl's picture

What the heck?! ME?!!!! Cool!

Thanx so much.

The suspense for what photo was crazy as my slow internet connection loaded.
Thanx for the mention...

Zia Vey's picture

tks fstoppers for posting my photo

Dong Fu's picture