[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #4 – 15 Images Of Natural Light Beams

Natural light beams are always magical. You dont get to see them too often, but when you do - you have to stop and stare for a second. This week I collected 15 of the best light beam images found of Flickr. Look at the images below and share with us in the comments your own light beam photos.

subterranean dance
Photo: Rick Elkins

Shafts of Autumn Sunlight
Photo: Miles Wolstenholme

Penetrating Light Beam
Photo: Jim Schreckengast

bathed in light
Photo: John Piazza

hoop dreams
Photo: statlerhotel

Witness of the sign
Photo: Adrian

HDRi golden hour aka sunset Uetliberg Zürich
Photo: praesentarius

Close Encounters!
Photo: Adrian

Photo: MÀggøT BrÁìN

Beam me up
Photo: Tjarko Evenboer

Pueblo Indian Kiva
Photo: Stephen Oachs

Photo: Jeroen van Wijngaarden

Dressed to Shine IV
Photo: Lars van de Goor

St. Peter's Basilica
Photo: Marcel Germain

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Photo: David Mor

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Not natural light beams, at least in Adrian pictures

Some of those beams are nicely photoshopped

Roberto Alonso's picture

That's a grim basketball court if I've ever seen one.

Jens Marklund's picture

Feels like 90% of the popular flickr images today are photoshoped waaay too much. Either by things like this, or unbelievably crappy HDR convertions, too much sharpening etc. etc.

Yeah, some nice selections but some of those beams are not real. I know because I've done that before. Tjarko's pic for example.

light beams timelapse:

John Godwin's picture

Please, for the love of God, don't post anything like this again. There are enough of these stupid "23.6 TOTALLY FANTASTIC AMAZING PICTURES OF X" on the internet that just fish Flickr for complete crap, I come to fstoppers for decent content. 

Half of the sunbeams aren't even real, did you even look at this list before you posted it?

sit down, have a coco, the aneurysm should pass.

But indeed, content on FS seems to have dropped alot since the number of collaborator increased. Not saying you're doing a bad job (I'm still here so...) but it seems like the effort to show something different is not there. I realize this is 2 months old, but still.

Take a look at David Hobby, Joe Mcnally or Zack arias. Fewer posts, richness in each. and. every.one. of. them. ALL.

the good post here are diluted in a bath of less than good or average ones.... put some filters on!