Tao Lin's 'Facedown Generation' of Taipei

Tao Lin's 'Facedown Generation' of Taipei

We have all witnessed it, practiced it, you might be doing it now while reading this post. Sadly, seeing someone staring down at a mobile device in public has become such a common sight, that we might walk right past without even thinking about it.

While on a recent visit to Taipei, Tao Lin created photographs of strangers interacting with their mobile devices. The series looks into the way people are glued to their cell phones, unaware that they are being photographed in their surroundings.

During his visit to the Taiwanese capital, Tao Lin shot thousands of images that were organized into different subjects and posted through Vice.com. The galleries are a ramp up for a book that he is releasing in June titled "Taipei" they include Taipei Fashion, Taipei Babies and Taipei Carbs.

It makes you wonder if these people even looked up after their photographs were shot. I bet that most were unaware that he took their photograph. What do you think this says about our lust for staring at a hand held computer screen?


Via Motherboard.com

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so pretty much the same thing Zack Arias did? who did it first?

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This reminds me of www.nomophone.com

Agreed photos are pretty bad, but i guess what it fails to mention is this is taken with his iPhone and i don't think the guy is a photographer.

i work in a college town, and one day i drove past a house with 10+ plus students sitting next to each other on the porch, all with their heads down texting on their phones.... very bizarre.......

because if photography is about technicality then you're missing the point. it is and has always been about capturing the moment.

so, this guy copies Zack Arias' #de_vice series but with bad photos done with a p&s? I don't even see a real story in those pics. http://zarias.500px.com/bts/

Neither aesthetically pleasing to eyes nor legitimately created. They are just a whole bunch of boring snapshots taken by a mobile phone.

Tao Lin is just making a point. Maybe not as well as Zack Arias, but he still made a point through these photos.

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I don't even see the purpose of this awful post

Yannick Nolin from Quebec (canada) made an awesome photo exposition at l'Établi about this same subject. It was well done, awesome and realistic!