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An Eighth Grader Takes on a Professional Photographer

We often see videos that pit amateur photographers against professionals, but the twist of this one is showing what a photographer in eighth grade can accomplish when shooting against a professional. It is quite impressive! 

Coming to you from Jessica Kobeissi, this fun video features eighth grader Hudson Matter and her in a competitive shoot. Hudson comes from a long line of photographers. His great-grandfather, Herbert, enjoyed successes like commissions from President Kennedy, National Geographic, Vogue, and many more, and his father, Jordan, is a well known dance and headshot photographer in New York City. I was into photography in eighth grade and enjoyed shooting randomly around town with my Rebel film camera, but I certainly did not have the confidence to conduct my own shoot on the streets of New York City like Hudson does here. Heck, that would throw me for a loop even today. My confidence back then was generally limited to programming my graphing calculator. It is really neat to watch Hudson work and see his results; he certainly has a good eye, and he definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Check out the video above to see how the shoot went! 

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Alex Yakimov's picture

Interesting take. An eighth grader? The eighth grader. He is on par or better then many twice as older as him to begin with.

Matthias Dengler's picture

I still would never consider Jessica Kobeissi to be professional photographer.
Her take on pricing was amateurish, while claiming to be about pro-pricing. Since then, she lost all credibility to me.
She's a youtuber. If she was a pro photographer, she wouldn't have time to record so many youtube videos.
Influencer ≠ pro photographer.

Alex Herbert's picture

Took me a while to learn the difference, I started photography late and learned from YouTube (around 5 years ago). I noticed after a while that some of these famous YouTube photographers never seemed to do any actual work. And the stuff they did shoot was... not great.

Frim Tac's picture

Not only about her take on pricing, she's just not a good photographer. I've watched several of her photography challenges and i'm always disappointed by her images compared to the other photographers. She's always the worst or the second worst. Only photoshopping saves some of her images.The only reason she has amassed many subscribers is that she probably was the first one to do the 4 photographers 1 model challenge. Then many photographers copied the concept and they keep mentioning her name on their videos and that made many people subscribe to her channel. What is funny is that she likes using the word 'pro' on her titles lol. she's a nice girl though.

Matthias Dengler's picture

I could not agree with you more. I liked the challenge in the beginning, the one that made her famous. But she really does mention "pro" everywhere. Such a clickbate!