Five Posing Tips From a Male Model

When working with models, posing is an important element in the shot. If you are not comfortable with posing your models, or maybe they are not as experienced, there's a lot of information to help you learn from when working with female models. When working with male models, not every approach will work the same and there are not as many resources out there. 

Photographer Manny Ortiz heads out to capture some urban portraits with male model Bobby. In this video, Ortiz shares a few tips on working with male models throughout the shoot in various locations. You can watch how Ortiz is positioning himself to get the better angles, how he positions the lights, and how he communicates with the model about what his vision is. 

At the end of the video is where model Bobby takes over to share his five posing tips for shooting male models. If you are more interested in watching that portion of the video, you can jump to the 5:45 mark to see these posing tips. These tips cover posture, hand and feet placement, and a few other posing ideas.

Which suggestion was your favorite? Do you have any other tips for posing male models? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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LA M's picture

Finally....a posing article that isn't focused on some young girl in a bikini or some other revealing wardrobe. Go Manny!

Tomash Masojc's picture

that yellow lines in background :)

Geir Reiulfsen's picture

Manny Ortiz, with his perfectly trimmed beard, is the Chuck Norris of photographers.
(Just being envious 🙂)

Great video and great tips from the model.