How to Quickly and Effectively Edit Holiday Snaps

While you may concentrate on making art, some of the most important images you will ever take are when you are with family and friends. A common example is when you travel for a holiday and these end up being the photographs your family will look back on for years to come. Here are some tips for quickly improving them with a simple post-production process.

I have come under a lot of criticism from my family over the years for two things: I don't take many pictures when we're on holiday and I don't share many of the pictures I take. I'm aware of both problems, but I'm working on improving them! The reason for not taking pictures while we are away is not because I'm a professional photographer and I want a break — I love taking pictures — but rather because I have always aimed for a great, memorable shot. That inevitably leads to me not taking snaps at all.

The second half of the problem is I don't share many of the images I take. This is related to the first problem, but I also begrudge editing the images I don't love, but at the same time, I don't want to share unedited images as they're unfinished. One of the best ways around this, for me at least, is to readjust my expectations of the snaps I take while on holiday and to slim down my post-production.

This video may seem an innocuous one and not worth the time of experienced photographers, but it likely has something for everyone.

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Surely, not in Photoshop…

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Why does It feel like every single pixinperfect video is reposted here?