[Inspiration] ReDefine Talks Celebrity Portraits With Brian Smith

A few weeks ago, Fstoppers caught up with celebrity photographer Brian Smith. If you didn't take the time to read the article, don't worry because ReDefine just published a video interview with Brian from Tamara Lackey's recent interview out in Vegas. What I love about people like Brian is he's quick to point out the real defining element of his work: his relationship to his subject. Male photographers often get caught up in lighting and production but if you fail to make a connection with your subject, your work often lacks that quality that separates people like Brian from the rest. I really enjoy interviews like this; let us know what you take away from Brian in the comments below.

Check out Brian Smith's full portfolio here.

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Sony camera user

Brian Smith is an awesome photographer, and seems like a nice guy. I love looking at his images for inspiration. 

Robert's picture

Good interview but the videographer needs to read up on light balancing.

Patrick Hall's picture

Robert, Lee and I actually did an interview in this same room during WPPI and honestly without a ton of lighting gear you either had to expose for Vegas or blow out the background for your interview.  It's a tough call especially when you don't have proper lights to work with but I think they balanced it well for what they had.  

Great interview.

It's great to see how professional photographers tell their story.  Love it! 

Just want to let you guys know, I really dislike your new RSS method. Practically nothing of value shows up in my RSS feed, compared to less than a year ago when I could actually watch videos in it. I won't be clicking through to the site more because of this change, I'll just be reading fewer of your articles. I know it's so I'll see ads on your site and click through to more articles, but the ads still show up in my RSS feed. I now get more ad than content from you. Congratulations.

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Hey Jon, thanks for letting us know.  We aren't intentionally trying to send more ads or clicks.  We have a new site redesign coming this week and our goal is to make the site as clean and easy to read as possible...the videos are going back up on the front of the site too!  As for the RSS, I honestly haven't looked at that in over a year so we will revamp it next....sorry if it has looked rough lately.  

Dig Brian Smith.

Although he sounds a bit like "Adam West" in Family Guy.    LOL!