John Keatley Shoots For Wexley School For Girls

John Keatley's portraits always have a great sense of fun about them that I've always appreciated and this series isn't any different. This series is for the Wexley School for Girls Advertising Agency and John Keatley's sense of humor is in full swing. These simply lit photographs are a lot of fun and it's great to have a look at how they were made.

Looks to me like there was a single strobe in an octobank camera left, and then there was probably a reflector or fill light on the right hand side.

What do you guys think? Are these creative enough portraits for an Ad Agency or would you have wanted to see something else?

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Simple concept and awesome shots!

Looks like a mockery of the pre-2000's senior picture shoot posing!!! Love it!

The idea seems similar to Tina Fey's, "Bossy Pants" cover.