Jonathan Mannion Talks Hip Hop Photography

We have featured the work of Jonathan Mannion previously on Fstoppers but he has so many great videos that I figured we'd share his work again. Mannion has shot everyone in the rap scene including Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, DMX, and Ice Cube. Often borrowing from his mentor Richard Avedon, Jonathan's work can be edgy and provocative but also clean and iconic. In this video Jonathan showcases a lot of his work featured in the Milk Gallery exhibition he did last year. It's pretty interesting to hear Jonathan talk about trying to remain creative with his work while at the same time knowing the specific image the record labels want for their musicians' brand.

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Enjoyed this a l o t! Truly amazing photos of the hiphop-artists and rappers that I listened to growing up (and still listen to). Great photographer!

Damon L. Thomas's picture

I've always been a fan of Jonathan's work. Loved this piece.

He's dope

Great post! Amazing body of work!

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Mannion again?!?!? How did you guys know that this is what I needed on a Monday. Score one...

So sick...I recognized so many photos and had no idea he did them all. Inspiring

Nice. Does he have a book? I'd like to know how some of them were printed and mounted. I like the whole no frame thing.