Learn More Than 20 Poses for Couples in Under 10 Minutes

It doesn't matter how many couples shoots you've done, you can always learn some new poses. Here are over 20 in under 10 minutes!

I remember my first couples shoot. I wasn't at all nervous because I'd done lots of portraits before and I had some ideas in my head. I had even created a Pinterest board with some inspiration. It's lucky I did, because as soon as two people stood in front of me blankly waiting for orders, I realized I had no idea how to direct two people when they are meant to be interacting with each other.

Fortunately, the bride-to-be was acutely aware of how uncomfortable and how unwilling her fiance was to be involved in this shoot, and while this made things worse for me, it also bought me time. I suggested we walk for a while around the grounds of the location we had decided on and just chat as we had a little while. I threw in some shots here and there when we came to certain points I thought looked good and I snuck looks at my phone for posing ideas. After an hour, the future groom had eased into the idea and we ended up with some fantastic shots that they were thrilled with, and so was I.

There were several takeaways from that shoot for me. Firstly, never be too relaxed. Secondly, take the time to put your subjects at ease if they're not models; it's a bizarre situation to be in. But thirdly and most poignantly, have lots of poses ready because most couples will not have a clue how to stand. This video by Adorama is a superb and concise behind the scenes with Pye Jirsa and there are some easy poses you can take as inspiration for your next couple shoot.

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That was truly worth the watch. Thank You