5 Ways to Make Hours of Editing Endurable

5 Ways to Make Hours of Editing Endurable

Recently, fellow Fstoppers writer/astounding editor Pratik Naik posted a status on Facebook asking what people's editing routines were, you can read the discussion that followed here. With his permission I've decided to spin this off into a post, and offer some suggestions for our readers facing hours of repetitive retouching in their future. I'm writing from the perspective of a photographer, but I'm sure many if not all of these will carry over into the video world as well. Note that these aren't in any particular order.

5. Deafening silence - I have NO IDEA why anyone would ever want to do this, but many have expressed their fondness for editing in a completely silent environment for hours at a time. Whatever, I don't judge.



4. Background noise - There are a few different ways to do this so I decided to make it one category.

  • Music - I know it's obvious, but that's why I have to say it. Music is always a great way to pull yourself through boring/repetitive tasks, but I advise making a playlist pertaining to the mindset that you like to edit in, as a variety in genre could lead to inconsistencies in your editing/attention to detail. If your library isn't extensive, you can find many genre and artist based playlists (or make some yourself) on YouTube.
  • Podcasts - Personally, I prefer listening to a discussion than music after a long period of time, so I'm a huge fan of podcasts. Many great personalities offer hours-long episodes of podcasts/talk shows multiple times per week, and I've never had an issue finding something good to listen to. These are mostly available on iTunes, YouTube, and in some cases via Satellite Radio. Allpodcasts.com seems to be a good way to search for one that caters to your interests.
  • Movies/TV - If the others don't work for you, it's always fun to passively jump in and out of sitcom plot lines.

3. Replace your chair with an exercize ball 
- This does wonders for back pain and posture, I could go on for a while about all of the benefits, but why would I when Melanie Pinola's already done a great job of it on Lifehacker?



2. Edit in the morning/evening - Most seem to find it easiest to focus on one repetitive task when they're not full of energy. I like to edit in the evening, sleep on it, then review in the morning. If your routine isn't working for you this would be the first thing I'd change up, find what works for you.

1. Caffeine - I know it sounds like I'm contradicting the last point, but the alertness from caffeine/energy drinks is different than actual well-rested mid-day energy. When you're starting to get tired or your mind is wondering, coffee/tea/energy drinks can be a great way to re-focus. Say what you will about the health side of things, they work!



So what's your routine or tradition when it comes to editing? Let me know in the comments!


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Jon Sharman's picture

Shouldn't deafening silence and background noise just be part of the same bullet point?

Interested to know if people prefer editing with someone else in the room - they may be reading, watching TV, listening to music, whatever. I can't do it, and my GF gets irritated with me about it.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

Truth. Usually there is some sort of white noise no matter what you are doing. Even when you aren't playing music you are listening to John Cages 4'33 on a loop.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I watch crappy movies. People see my netflix and ask how the movie was and I can't tell them anything. Just something on.

I do the same. HBO, Showtime, Epix, Cinemax.. Just pop on a channel and start editing. Can't tell you how many times Battleship has been on in the background while i'm working :)

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I had radiolab on today it was great man. The Speed podcast was great.

Wilfred... I edit while watching Wilfred. =)

Tony Guillaro's picture

Who doesn't love Wilfred

For all the music listeners editing weddings; I'd recommend the band Tennis. It's a cool modern indie band with a neat lo-fi 50's swing/pop feel, lady singer, and they're upbeat. Perfect for getting into that modern/vintage wedding feel that's so popular right now.

disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with that band in any way. I just found them on Spotify today and I love the music.

I really like listening to post-rock albums on Youtube, Tennis sounds good though

I often narrate what I'm doing in photoshop to myself. Seriously. I will talk to myself for hours as if I'm teaching somebody what I'm doing. Heh. People think I'm crazy when I do it in the library and whatnot but w/e.

Lauren Parker's picture

haha oh my gosh that's the best idea ever.

Henry Young's picture

Have you ever thought about making a tutorial of an edit? If you have practice talking out your ideas you might be very good at tutorials.

Haha I just tried doing that, it was hilarious.

If you can do a good imitation of Morgan Freeman, please start making Youtube videos ASAP!! :)

That's ZeFranks job ;)

Ariel Martini's picture

now do it making silly voices

This is what dual monitor setups are made for! I get a lot of marathon tv series watching done on Netflix of Hulu, or sometimes my iPad is the designated movie device, though I think having one monitor dedicated to movies keeps me from surfing the web so much. I think the Internet is my biggest distraction.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

Jazz and Classical. I can't concentrate on editing when lyrics are audible for some reason.

95% of my work is live gigs so i tend to listen to the artist / band that i'm editing, puts me right back in the zone to which i shot them

Patrick Hall's picture

While eating left over curry meals of course!

Patrick there is never any left over curry in my house mate :-)
Any plans for another UK trip ?

Curry you say, happy days

Great Idea!
I'll try that!

I would rather play a tutorial on YouTube on the 2nd screen. I think to get a coffee machine in the studio (should done this before)

Jason Vinson's picture

i try to do this too! learn and work at the same time.

side note, apples give you more of an energy boost then coffee, and they are a hell of a lot healthier for you

I recently discovered Audiobooks to help me with my editing. They
fill my head with amazing stories and stop my mind from wandering, which
inevitably turns into me surfing the net. It makes me edit faster, for
A song of ice and fire (game of thrones) was an amazing editing buddy for 2 or 3 solid months.

Freelance Retoucher's picture

Retouching is part of my life, in fact, I would say it takes 90% of my daily time. the other 10% is for the living bit.

Good coffee and Spotify works for me. I'm seriously considering the exercise ball chair.

Uninterrupted silence and solitude.

I'll often play the website Coffivity.com on my computer while editing. It replicates the ambient noise of a coffee shop, but spares you all the distractions you'd have from actually being in one. You can also play music from iTunes, and they'll layer over each other and play together. It's really amazing!

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