How To Enhance Eyes And Add Fake Facial Hair In Photoshop

I've blogged about our friend Glyn Dewis before. He's a talented UK-based photographer that also posts lots of free amazing Photoshop tutorials with straightforward tips. Recently he posted a video on how to enhance eyes, which is extremely important in portrait photography, and how to make fake beards using noise and blur tools. The results are impressive!

According to Glyn: "In this episode I start off showing you a fun technique for adding stubble / facial hair; a technique I learned from UK Retoucher Steve Caplin but then show how the exact same technique can be used to enhance eyes."

If you want to learn more from Glyn, he has a new full length downloadable tutorial "The Editor," which shares his shooting and post-production tips, which I have also ordered for myself!

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Good example of taking editing to far.. Bad lit starting picture and over processed final image.

Bob Bell's picture

Good example of pointless comment. If you knew Glyn you'd know sometimes he adopts a cartoony/charicature style which he's made his own.

You know idiot that not every photo needs to be a masterpiece just to demonstrate a technique. What a tiny insecure person you must be! Oh by the way it's "too far"

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Great post Douglas, Glyn's a great teacher and he's always willing to share his tricks, which usually rock!

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very cool tip. thanks for sharing :)

Muito bom! ate me inscrevi no canal! mt bom mesmo!

Normally Fstoppers has really cool items, but this is so lame!!! Please no more....

very nice tip thanks