Take Your Video Text to the Next Level With a Glitch Effect

Check out this great video to learn how to create a glitch text effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 

Every frame and every element of a video is important to tell your story in the best way possible. That's why I'm a strong believer in continuing to learn new techniques and concepts as often as I can. A new tutorial video from Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid describes how to create a compelling glitch effect for onscreen textual elements in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This popular effect is relatively easy to put together and uses only built-in tools in the software without relying on third party plugins. 

I encourage you to move beyond copying the settings in the video and experiment with your own style. Whether it's using serif or sans serif font, changing on-screen text positioning, or trying out various colors, spending some time exploring various options and combinations will serve to improve the effect for your specific video project needs. As with most post-production techniques, subtlety is the key. While this may not seem like a particularly subtle effect, in this case, that maxim can be interpreted to mean the amount of usage. Using this effect on one or two key text elements (such as the title) will make it more memorable than if it's used throughout your video. 

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Overused now....

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Please don't...

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Video Copilot tutorials are the ones to watch. The original!

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For years engineers have strived for perfection to eliminate Glitches..... I hate this trendy effect.

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Of all the glitches effects that can be used this is by far the least authentic looking. Stay away from this glitch effect.

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take your videos to the next level with storytelling and solid editing.... if you need effects to make video's attractive your doing something wrong

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Someone accidentally forgot to post this in 2009.

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all aboard the trend train!

creativity has already left the station. now boarding the unoriginal.