Using Lightroom Export Presets to Speed Up Your Workflow

Often when we are editing in Lightroom we find ourselves doing the same tasks over and over again. The key to speeding up your workflow is finding ways to minimize the amount of steps it takes to do these regular tasks and fortunately Lightroom gives us many options to do this. One of my favorites is the 'Export Presets.'

In this short 3-minute video I show you how easy it is to set up export presets and give you some suggestions of presets I like to use for my own workflow. Two that I often use the most is a preset I have set up that automatically saves my favorite pictures into a folder in my Dropbox. That way I have my favorite photos accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Another one I use often is my preset with the size and formatting for Facebook. This way I don't have to try and remember the settings each time I export. Just one click and it's done.

If you are not already using export presets, go check it out. It will surely save you time in your Lightroom workflow.

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He couldn't go full screen with his video?

Trevor Dayley's picture

Hey Deter - not sure what you mean. Happy to make improvements for future videos, just let me know what you have in mind.

OS X dock.

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Gotcha - you're referring to the video overlay of my ugly mug in the beginning. I'll expand it out to fill the whole screen in the future. Thanks.

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He took the time to make a video, why don't you take the time to give a helpful feedback?

where are these saved so i can backup?

(I replied with the answer to Jonas's question; but the reply seems to have been deleted a few minutes later. Why?)

its apparently "awaiting moderation", i can see it now after doing some tricks

Odd, I could see it for a while, then I couldn't. Another subsequent comment I made remained visible. I bet it's because the first has a link in it, which makes sense to be moderated, but I wonder why I could see it for a while and then couldn't. The mysteries of Disqus, I guess.

ye, thanks for your reply though, it cleared it up :)

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That is odd that it would do that. Might just be Discus acting up. We don't delete hardly any comments unless it is something very offensive. My guess is it will pop up again. I don't see it yet from my phone though.

Trevor, you might consider Lightroom's built in "Hard Disk" publish service to send photos to your Dropbox folder. Using a publish service allows develop or metadata updates (and additions and deletions) to be easily reflected in the target folder. It's exceedingly convenient.

(But I'd not recommend Publish for your Facebook photos: Facebook doesn't allow images to be replaced, so any updates would entail a delete-and-resend, which is... how shall I say.... "unsociable" to comments and likes.)

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Great tip. Thanks Jeffrey.

This is also a great way to setup images for syncing with your iPad's built in photo app.

Would you mind sharing your other user preset settings (e.g. Facebook Post)?

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Hey would you mind sharing your 'instagram export' settings