Watch Andy Warhol Photoshop Blondie's Lead Singer Debbie Harry

The 1985 Amiga computer launch conference, demonstrated its graphics software by having Andy Warhol photoshop Blondie's lead singer, live, on his first ever computer. I know it's funny to be referring to digital manipulation as "photoshopping" when it actually occurred half a decade before Photoshop even existed but there it is as defined by Merriam-Webster: to alter (a digital image) with Photoshop software or other image-editing software especially in a way that distorts reality.

Until recently the resulting images from the demonstration had been lost works and unseen. But Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Club managed to recover the images from 41 floppies. The process was documented which you can check out at the May 10th premier of "Trapped: Andy Warhol's Amiga Experiments" at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

via [Petapixel] [Engadget]

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"Amiga launch conference demonstrated ITS graphics software"
Please writers, this is so basic.

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Nice catch tttulio and thanks for the assist. I'm exercising the privilege of blaming that one on my oxycodone soaked brain (just had jaw surgery). :)

Tamm, thanks for posting this video.

For people that aren't familiar with Warhol, the reason that the audience laughed when he said "great" is because he was known for saying that as a way of blowing off questions. For example, when the photographer David LaChapelle met Warhol for the first time to show his photo portfolio, Andy said it was "great." LaChapelle took this as a compliment, but then later found out that Andy says the same thing to everybody! BTW - Warhol hired him to shoot for "Interview" magazine and that gig that launched his photo career.