Watching 'Gravity' BTS Made the Movie Even Better

Gravity was one of those movies I went to watch by myself this year. I wasn't sure what to expect and none of my family members were interested in seeing it so I grabbed my popcorn, a large orange soda and sat down for a movie experience I won't soon forget. But, watching this recently released BTS of how the movie was put together made the movie even better!

In the behind the scenes video we get a glimpse into how technical the process was to put the movie together as well as the symbolism used in writing the script. It is definitely a 5-minute clip that anyone interested in film production or writing scripts should watch as you will gain quite a bit of insight into the minds of the professionals working behind the scenes.

After watching this clip it made me appreciate the movie even more than I had after watching it on the big screen. If you would like to see another BTS clip as well as photos during the production check out this article by Fstoppers writer Rebecca Britt.

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Totally enjoyed that movie. I also went to see it alone, in 3D.

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You may like this too

It's an insight on how they approached the sound in it, which was as big a part of the film as the amazing visuals were, for me anyway.
There's that bit at the the beginning wheres this HUUUGE noise build up before dropping into silence looking out into space....took my breath away!

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Best movie of the year

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I'm surprised this entire cast and crew stands behind the story and not the technical mastery that this BTS clearly demonstrates. The story was super sterile with paper thin characters and not at one point did I ever connect with the protagonist (this film assumes you like or have children). I still look forward to seeing a more technical examination of all the gear that was used into making this film though.

Most overrated movie of the year.

I really enjoyed this movie

Saw it twice... in 3D... Awesome!