The Cinematic Headshot

With Dylan Patrick

Fstoppers has teamed up with the incredibly successful headshot photographer, Dylan Patrick to produce the 6 hour tutorial, The Cinematic Headshot. Dylan has become widely sought after in New York and Los Angeles for his unmistakably stylized portraits and actors headshots. In this tutorial Dylan will teach you his entire processes of coaching, lighting, and then retouching his pictures.


Fstoppers has teamed up with the incredibly successful headshot photographer, Dylan Patrick to produce the 6 hour tutorial, The Cinematic Headshot. Dylan has become widely sought after in New York and Los Angeles for his unmistakably stylized portraits and actors headshots. In this tutorial Dylan will teach you his entire processes of coaching, lighting, and then retouching his pictures.

No Studio, No Problem
Within 1 year Dylan went from being a struggling actor/bar tender to a full time portrait photographer without ever using a studio. Managing natural light outside can be difficult but Dylan's lighting style brings the benefits of studio lighting out on location. 
Learn About The Gear
Dylan has simplified his bag of gear into just 1 camera, 1 lens,  2 speedlights, 1 reflector, and 2 modifiers. Photographers on any budget will be able to easily afford the equipment necessary to shoot similar images. 
Learn How To Light
Dylan's photography isn't about expensive gear, it's about the knowledge of how to use what you have. In this tutorial you will learn how to light in ideal lighting situations, extremely harsh lighting situations, and even at night. Dylan's techniques will help you produce repeatable results in any location at any time of day. 
Learn How To Edit
50% of Dylan's signature look can be attributed to his coaching and lighting, the other 50% comes from his post production. This tutorial includes 4 different RAW files that you can use to follow along with Dylan as he works. After following along in Photoshop for over 3 hours with Dylan, you'll know everything necessary to edit your portraits at a world class level. 
Buy Now And Start Watching Today
This tutorial is a digital download. Immediately upon purchase you will be emailed links to download all of the chapters and Raw files. You can watch these mp4 files on a computer, burn them to a DVD or BluRay, stream them to your TV, or upload them to another device like an iPhone or iPad to watch at your leisure. 

Meet Your Instructor

About Dylan Patrick

Dylan is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. He began his photography career in 2010 in NYC, and rose to be one of the top headshot photographers in New York City. With Fstoppers, he launched "The Cinematic Headshot" tutorial in 2014. Along with headshots, Dylan is also an accomplished hotel and architectural photographer.

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Have FSTOPPERS ever contemplated a subscription for tutorials?

We definitely have thought about it but finding the right streaming platform has been difficult and the bigger problem is finding out a way to fairly pay all the instructors a fair price when some tutorials are older, some cheaper, etc etc. For now we have just made everything downloadable but we could consider it.

Just realized my camera is one of the few Nikons not capable of HSS. :'(

Oh no! Sorry to hear that!

Hello Sir (Dylan Patrick) I really admire your work and i bought your photography tutorial .I'am happy with the tutorial and wanna say thanks for making this video. I was very passionate about photography i learnt a lot from you ...Thank you is not enough but still Thanks ....

You are so welcome and thank you for the kind words! I'm happy that you are enjoying it and finding it useful!

I need a resend for my Dylan Patrick Cinemactic Headshot training video I used the reorder but no response

Hey Steve, I'm hoping you got this sorted out already. Email Fstoppers directly and they can handle it


Ok... I bought it. I haven't watched it yet, but I anticipate good things :)

Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Awesome Joel! I hope you enjoy it! Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

Really excited about learning these amazing techniques. I'm a Sony A7Rii user and I want to make sure my current gear is compatible (or I'll return it and get whatever I need). I recently purchased the Nissin Di700A Flash Kit with Air 1 Commander. I can buy another flash unit too. Will this suffice? And by the way, it has a slide-in shoe with a little button, versus a screw-down lock.

Hey Joe! I'm honestly clueless about the flash sync settings are tech behind the A7R2 I'm not sure if there are any HSS options for you or not, but if you find them and the camera can sync at least up top 1/2000th than you are good to go!

On the video, around 2:56, Dylan is standing next to the hair light and the flash unit has a small (12" or so) white modifier on it. I don't see that in the equipment list. Thanks!

That is the Fstoppers Flash Disc! It works great if you don't want to have another soft box around. I loved using it for the hair/kicker...super easy, and fast to setup, and gave me the kind of kick I wanted a little hard but a little soft depending of course on where you put it!

There are subtitles in Spanish or can only be followed in English? I think in the course of Peter Hurley if there are subtitles, is it?

Photoshop Elements will be enough to edit pictures on your level?

Hi Dylan,just bought your course,can't wait for downloading it and start this course :)

Hey Dylan,
Excellent tutorial. I've purchased your program & watched it TWICE!

Quick question: I currently have (and like) the Nikon 70-200mm f/4 G ED lens. Do I REALLY need to trade it in for the f/2.8 VRII version? I realize having the 2 extra stops is a good thing, but can I make the cinematic headshots work with an f/4? I shoot the D750, so ISO is not an issue with low light, Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...

Frank Villafane

Just picked this up... Hope I am not too late to the game

That feel when you cannot afford the tutorial which you thought to be the most informative video(promo) of all time. :'(

199.99 is a great deal but right now too expensive. Hopefully in the future I can afford to get it. The pics in the video tho look amazing.

Any New buyers discount code?

Love the promo. I have a Mac and a PC. Just wondering if the download works with either one or is one better than the other? And what is the file format of the downloaded video?

The type of computer you are on doesn't affect the files at all. All the video files are mp4s and can play on any computer. If you have a mac and ipad, you will have to sync the files to your ipad through itunes on your Mac though. If you have a PC you can just drag them over to whatever device you want as long as it doesn't require syncing.

What an amazing tutorial. Thank you Sir "Dylan Patrick" for this amazing and very informative educational tutorial , and thank you Fstoppers for the high quality pro production.

Hey, just a quick "thank you" to for making this tutorial available. Outstanding job! Mr. Dylan Patrick, I can't remember a more comprehensive, easy to follow along tutorial in a very long time. You did an incredible job communicating your expertise; shooting head shots. For those who say you can't afford this... beg, borrow, steal (well, maybe not steal) money from someone. It's worth EVERY dime.

Much respect,


I love your tutorial :-) You cover all aspects and consideration about all steps - from choosing location and gear to how to choose and retouch pictures - in the way that easy to understand and inspiring to follow. You also answer all the questions I could possibly have :-) Thank you!

Hello Dylan,

Like to know if I have pocketwizard plus iii and plus x, can I do HSS shooting instead of flex and others on your gears ?

the Plus II, III, and X cannot do the HSS shooting. You need the Flex or Mini or another system like you get with the Profoto B1 lights.

Brilliant tutorials! I am so glad i have it! I had a question, i have a 24×24 softbox rightnow. Would that work as the main light? You did mention that you use that as your kicker light since its is more focussed. Will 24×24 softbox work as the main light source?

Hello, first thank you. What about others focals of 105, 135, 180mm?

Is there still support for this video, or has a newer version been released? Also what about after I purchase? Is there some sort of Facebook group or something where I can go if I have specific questions?

Yes, there is a private facebook group to share your work and ask questions to Dylan and everyone else who has taken the course.

What a refreshing change from all those Profoto videos that seem to flood Youtube these days.

Here is a great tutorial for beginners! Instead of going into thousands of dollars in debt (that's what happens when you are asked to pay $2,000 for ONE light strobe), get minimal equipment and get creative.

Excellent work Dylan!

Hello...Anybody home at Fstoppers?? Dylan...? Anybody??? Looks like no input from Fstoppers for a year or so...Won't discourage me from buying this tutorial...but, WTF???

What exactly does "no input from Fstoppers" mean? If you have purchased the tutorial, the best way to get feedback is from Dylan's facebook group. If you need customer service support, please email us through the site below.

Also, any way to reverse the chronology of these comments?? Newest first maybe??

Could this effect be achieved using a micro 4/3 camera and lens combination or does it require using a full frame camera?

Before i buy this, how modern a speedlight do you need to achieve the high speed sync as taught in this video? I have a Canon 580 ex ii, which I have barely used since i bought it? using a 5d mkiii. If I buy the class, i don't really want to have to spend money on equipment.

Hello there, I'm interested in this course but I'm not in a rush. Could you tell me if there is any special date when you could get a discount?

If you'd make the price of this video more reasonable I'd buy it and I'm sure a lot of others would also. Please consider running a special.

So excited! Saw this ad on FB and it caught my eye - didn't even make it through the promo before I bought it. This is exactly what I'm hoping to learn - I love the look and feel of your headshots. My first fstoppers course. Looking forward to it! Do you talk about pricing models at all, I hope?

I don't think Dylan talks pricing on this but I could be wrong. Thanks for checking out our material and hopefully it helps you get rocking headshots yourself

Can I make a 135mm work with this process?

yeah for sure. Dylan talks about focal length in this tutorial and shows the difference between 50, 85, and a few other lengths before reaching 200. Anything above 85 works pretty well so 135 should be great.

How do you get on to Dylan's private FB group? I've Emailed the link in the download but haven't had a response as yet.
Great tutorial by the way.

I did notice that there's no one wearing eye glasses,

I have a Canon 70D with a 24mm macro and a "nifty fifty"

Just purchased a Sony a6500 with a 35mm and 50mm prime along with a 18-105 f/4.

None of these lenses would give me the upclose and bokeh I would need would it.

I have all the other gear.

Which lens with which camera would you recommend?

I just purchased this download and haven't received an email to download?

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