Dylan Patrick's The Cinematic Headshot

Fstoppers has teamed up with the incredibly successful headshot photographer, Dylan Patrick to produce the 6 hour tutorial, The Cinematic Headshot. Dylan has become widely sought after in New York and Los Angeles for his unmistakably stylized portraits and actors headshots. In this tutorial Dylan will teach you his entire processes of coaching, lighting, and then retouching his pictures. 

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No Studio, No Problem
Within 1 year Dylan went from being a struggling actor/bar tender to a full time portrait photographer without ever using a studio. Managing natural light outside can be difficult but Dylan's lighting style brings the benefits of studio lighting out on location. 
Learn About The Gear
Dylan has simplified his bag of gear into just 1 camera, 1 lens,  2 speedlights, 1 reflector, and 2 modifiers. Photographers on any budget will be able to easily afford the equipment necessary to shoot similar images. 
Learn How To Light
Dylan's photography isn't about expensive gear, it's about the knowledge of how to use what you have. In this tutorial you will learn how to light in ideal lighting situations, extremely harsh lighting situations, and even at night. Dylan's techniques will help you produce repeatable results in any location at any time of day. 
Learn How To Edit
50% of Dylan's signature look can be attributed to his coaching and lighting, the other 50% comes from his post production. This tutorial includes 4 different RAW files that you can use to follow along with Dylan as he works. After following along in Photoshop for over 3 hours with Dylan, you'll know everything necessary to edit your portraits at a world class level. 
Buy Now And Start Watching Today
This tutorial is a digital download. Immediately upon purchase you will be emailed links to download all of the chapters and Raw files. You can watch these mp4 files on a computer, burn them to a DVD or BluRay, stream them to your TV, or upload them to another device like an iPhone or iPad to watch at your leisure. 
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Mauricio Urena's picture

Very exited about this tutorial...just bought it!!! It fit perfectly for my kind of job hope to learn a lot, same as the Commercial Wedding Photography tutorial. Downloading...

Dylan Patrick's picture

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Victor Samuel's picture

Didn't even finish watching the promo video and bought it. Looking forward to this one!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Awesome Victor! Thank you! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Ian Johns's picture

I've been hoping to build a similar portfolio next year (real estate, architecture, interiors, headshots) after a move to Boston. This purchase, along with Mike Kelley's Fstopper Original, makes it a perfect 1-2 punch for me -- a guy on a budget who doesn't have studio space or the money to buy Kino Flos. Thank you!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Awesome Ian! If you need anything don't hesitate and thank you so much!

Jerry Colbert's picture

I purchased this and am halfway through the first video. Very thorough so far. One question though, it says to visit fstoppers.com/DylanPatrickGear to see the gear you use. However, the page says "Access Denied".

We are still putting the final touches on that page. It should be live tomorrow

Dylan Patrick's picture

Glad you are enjoying everything Jerry! If you have questions you know how to find me!

Thanks Dylan !

Nicolas Crevier's picture

Looks so cool!!! Just when i saw the images for the first time I knew I would love to learn how to shoot like this! But then I saw the price... I can't justify paying that much money on it :/ just a poor college student hahaha :p I will have to try with what I already know!
Keep on producing high quality content and 1 day I will have the money to buy them :-D

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