How to Get Stunning Product Photos of Silverware Using a Single Light

Photographing an object with a reflective surface can be a challenge, and you’d imagine that it gets even worse if the entire thing is made out of shiny metal. Here’s how to create perfect photos of cutlery with just a single speedlight.

Dustin Dolby of workphlo has carved a reputation for being able to produce impressive results from some comparatively basic setups. Here, he runs through how just a single, small strobe can be controlled so that it provides crisp, even illumination for photographing silverware.

Dolby makes the lighting look pretty straightforward, and while his setup is pretty low-fi when it comes to strobes and camera gear, his level of control comes from having the right stands, clamps, and surfaces — and of course, the knowledge of how to put them to good use. B&H Photo has a plethora of gear for exactly these purposes, whether it’s a $3 clamp or a $28 acrylic board for placing your products. There’s also plenty of foamboard available when you want to create a surface that offers a little bit of texture.

What would you add to Dolby’s video? Let us know in the comments below.

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