iPhone App Turns Your Phone Into Camera Remote

iPhone App Turns Your Phone Into Camera Remote

Do you like to remotely trigger your camera? Do you also like iPhones? Enter Satechi's BT Smart Trigger. For $44.99, this little guy will happily trigger your camera's shutter via Bluetooth. It also works as an intervalometer, meaning you can time lapse with the greatest of ease...in between Angry Birds Star Wars. At the moment it only works for iPhones and Canon DSLRs, although they are planning to add compatibility with the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note 2.

The camera trigger connects to said camera via USB and rests on the hotshoe adapter. The battery life is said to last up to 10 years, and it has a range of about 50 feet per the Bluetooth 4.0. The app has both a basic shooting mode, a "Manual Shot" mode where one can take long exposures and a "Time Shot" mode where one can capture time-lapses.

Of course, Canon's official remote app (coupled with a 6D and WiFi radio) can deliver a live feed of the camera's viewfinder right to your phone. The Satechi BT Smart Trigger, however, is much cheaper.

Via TechCrunch

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Brandon Luckain's picture

10 feet? Is BT 4.0 really that limited in range?

50 feet.

Per their site, it is also available for Nikon camera with the 10 pin port (MC-30/36).

Didn't see 1DX on the compatibility list. :(

I found compatibility with the 1DX on their website. The Smart Trigger A version.

Good eye, it's up by the phones listed, must've read past it! Now I must buy one.

Z_Busner's picture

What's the advantage over a remote? Allow to view live view through phone screen, remotely and now were talking.

shehab hossain's picture

no android app?  boooo...

What i wanna know is can it trigger video to record. I own a T2i & T4i and I been having trouble finding something that can trigger the record feature remotely with out line of sight to the info red reader. hmmm

and then the phone dies - then what? Or a call comes in - then what? I have a tethered version from triggertrap - connects to my droid phone or the ipad... but most likely will rarely if ever use it as I have intervalometers built into my extended grip/batt packs. The only reason I got the triggertrap cable and (free) software is to do more than three ev HDR photos.

Keith Hammond's picture

you put the phone in Airplane mode to stop incoming calls

christian lacasse's picture

Timelapse with cheap remote/intervalometer = COOL

Q: will the app with older iPod Touch generations?

Blue tooth is horrible! End of story... it just does not function effectively or reliably.

Michael Wieckowski's picture

Bluetooth LE is a different story.  Range, battery life, and reliability are fantastic.  There are 3 or 4 Bluetooth LE remotes on the market now - check em all out.

cool. have never heard of this.. will do!