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Kim Krejca Explains The Importance Of Food Styling

Kim Krejca is a professional food and prop stylist. Combining her background in art direction and culinary arts, Kim now works with photographers to create the perfect images you see on menus and in maganzines. Most of what you see in terms of food photography is cleverly engineered and often times flat out fake. Kim and food photographer Rick Gayle take you behind the camera to discover some of the tools they use during their stylings. If you enjoy this video, be sure to head over to Adorama's learning center to watch more videos.

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Donnie Bell Design's picture

I remember seeing a TV news show discuss this topic as a kid and they demonstrated how Elmer's glue was used to simulate milk on a spoon/bowl with cornflakes. They said it best, food photography involves a lot of engineering with the arranging of ingredients and making everything symmetrically perfect.

James's picture

I wished the photographer would let the lady speak.

Kon Iatrou's picture

Great insight into the workings of a Food Stylist and photographer plus how to make great food photos. Thanks for sharing some of the tools required for food styling.

Is there any chance you cold provide a basic/must have tool list for a new food stylist ?

Cheers :)