Worst Hoax In Modern Day Photography?

shark helicopter real fakeAbout 10 days ago I received an email asking me to check out a video showcasing a new invisible camera. Initially I thought it was probably some crazy technical exercise but about half way through it became blatantly obvious that the whole video was a complete joke. Instead of reaching for my Haterade, I decided to have some fun with it and share Chris Marquardt's story with you.

Was Fstoppers really getting a demo model of the camera? No! Was it going to be on sale "a week from this Friday"? Not quite. However we were right that you would probably be hearing some news about the camera in the beginning of April. Why did Chris create this hoax? According to this release, "We did not do this to mock you. The Invisible Camera is our humble attempt to bring back wonder and amazement." How do you feel about The Invisible Camera? Hoax gone wrong or a fun journey back to your childhood filled with wonder and amazement?

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I was taken in too... But I do like the comment about appreciating those that do let themselves go for the wonder and amazement. No harm no foul. Maybe this will spur somebody to actually do it!

I am really disappointed in Chris for doing this elaborate hoax. i had followed him and his podcasts for a while with interest, but since I read this today, I have since unsubscribed to his podcast and deleted the bookmark to his blog. I feel that I can no longer trust the information he posts and communicates. I am sure there are many others that will feel this way and others that will say it was only in the fun of April Fools. Let Chris prank on, but this will cost him in his credibility.

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Cost him his credibility? Come'on... this was the most harmless video ever.

If they had made a little bit less "out there" I would have believed it too.

I have to admit, I was completely taken in by it, but it's not a disaster for me. The behind the scenes video is great. The whole thing was very creative.

I think it's a great video. Emphasizes the point that just because it looks good doesn't make it true.

Wow. Sorry to say - but f*** them! I wanted to participate and HELP people to achieve something great! This is how trust and helpfulness is treated today. Not a bit funny. I am so angry right now! Who gives me back my 15 minutes of life i wasted on this dumb joke? Nice going...

@Felix, You were juste gaven your 15 mins of life back but you wasted it writing this comment. Love this prank... and no it doesn't alter it's credibility, haven't you ever watched the news guy embark in a prank just for the fun of it! this is just that! if you think this person lost credibility to the point of ignoring him, sorry, but it's you that loses here!

Great fun, and clearly a joke from the start. @Felix, wow. Hopefully your reply is an April Fool's joke as well ;). I'm with @Lee, this was harmless and just fun to watch. Good on Chris and Allan for producing it so well.

This has made my day! Too funny :)

MOTHAF!@#$ jajajaj I fell like a little baby XP ... unbelievable ... BTW keep on with the good work I really like the blog

f'n hilarious!

Hahaha come on people. Why is everybody so butt-hurt. It seems that the people who are upset about this are the same ones who are waiting for the next piece of technology that will supposedly make their photos better, instead of working on their own skills...

This is funny...because most of us fell for it...like today when my friend made me believe his girlfriend was pregnant. hahaha

Good joke, should have saved it for today, April Fools Day. How did they keep a straight face?

By NOT watching every single video that appears on this site the minute it's uploaded, I saved 15 min. of my life for more productive money making avenues. Question everything.

I was naturally a little upset at first, but then I realized how stupid I was for buying into it. Looking back it's clearly a joke, and touché to them for getting me good. Now I have to bear the embarrassment of letting everyone I told about the camera know that I was owned by the best April fools joke i've been a part of. It's hard to get me this good, and they did it. I give them props and am now having a laugh at my own (and probably your) expense.

what da F***! I followed your blog as a fun an educative resource and you BS with your audience?
I think this is a terrible sign of TOO MUCH FAME IN too little time for you guys.
Very disappointed!
I was fool enough to bite that accent, dramatization. Fuck me, I took your blog serious!
Bye bye!!!

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@Tristan Boyer, is this post an April Fools joke too? I thought my write up for the initial post was pretty sarcastic, and I even said it looked like an April fools joke to begin with. Lots of people found it "fun" and even if you didn't like this one viral video going around, that doesn't make all the other content on here not "serious".

LOL, I can't believe people are getting bent out of shape about this. It's a very_obvious prank the second you watch the video. You guys truly believed it was a camera made of clear plastic with a pin-hole lens that does the things he claimed it could do? Yikes. I feel sorry for you when you receive your first email from Nigeria requesting money. (*hint* that's a scam too). Even if you did fall for it, why the heck get so bent out of shape about it??

@Lee - Of all other blogs, I've noticed you guys have the, erm, weirdest audience :)

Dammit. Good one, you got me. How cool would that have been.....

Love it! I was taken also. No harm done, I should have been out shooting instead of watching endless videos anyway!

I saw it, watched the video, googled it and for about 10 minutes I was interested. Until I saw this article I had totally forgotten about it. It will be out of my mind by the time I lay my head down tonight.

Just an observation, anytime you engineer something twice as good as what is on the market, that is absurdly amazing. The D3 made just such a splash when it came out for such noise improvements. When an unknown company / group / individual comes out with something that claims "football fields" of resolution, it's vapor-ware.

As far as credibility goes, it's a cultural difference in humor and delivery - they can be a bit more dead-pan on the other side of the pond. It's the difference between hyperbole and simile.

Come on, anyone gullible enough to fall for this obvious prank deserved it!
Lighten up people :-)

This isn't a real camera!? damn it! I already sent my money to an african prince that said he could get me 50!

This would have been better if Chris and his accomplice had not wrote what they did on their website for this invisible camera. I do admit I fell for it a little bit. The talk about shutter speeds and super low ISO's were confusing because I did not know exactly how they would achieve such things with that analog camera. But to come out and admit it was a hoax THEN play it off with a story about how this is a chance for people to be "part of something". Come on, that's ridiculous. The only thing we were "part of" was a dumb joke between some people with too much time on their hands

Plus, it was not a good "April Fools" to begin with.

Chris: "We've got a new type of camera with innovative advancements. Would you like to try it for us?"

Us: "Yeah sure, that sounds interesting, I don't know how you did it but I'll try it out."

Chris: "Pfffft Haha psych, there's no camera!"

Us: "....okay? That was a waste of time."

Chris: "But..uhm..You were just part of something that will be talked about in the future. It'll be one of those 'remember-that-time-when..' stories!"

Us: "No, it won't."

Chris: "We've got a new camera with innovative advancements never been seen before! Would you like to sign up to be a field tester!?"

Us: "Uhm, yeah sure. How do you get fast shutter speeds and low ISO's with....you know what, nevermind. Sure we'll try out your camera."

Chris: "Pffft, psych! There's no camera! Ha ha ha"

Us: "....okay. That was a waste of time."

Chris: "But.. Uh.. But wait, you were just a part of something big that people will be talking about in the future as one of those "remember-the-time-when" stories."

Us: "....No, they wont."

*it posted twice* Sorry!

I think the people here live in the land of the gigapixels.

Ok, so given the lengthy list of comments, I'd say this was a very, very successful April Fools joke. Google, move aside, this one takes the biscuit. I was taken in for the first few minutes and moderately disappointed it wasn't true, however in the end, a great piece of comedy all-around. Nice job.

You people who are actually mad about this are seriously more ridiculous than any prank or joke. Do you refrain from using Google because every year they have an April Fool's joke? I doubt it.

Get a life.