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Gender Balanced Image Search Is Now Possible

International technology company Semcon Global pride themselves on developing products which focus on the needs and behaviors of human beings. Their recent desire to draw attention to existing stereotypes within job image searches has led to the inspiring video “Re-Search: Now You Can See It.” In an attempt to smash current occupational stereotypes, Semcon has introduced a way for individuals to obtain a balanced job image search engine result.

Impressive Hyperlapse Video Shows Cappadocia in Four Seasons

Internationally acclaimed time-lapse film maker and photographer Rob Whitworth brings magical Cappadocia alive in his flow-motion hyperlapse film for Turkish Airways. The visually stunning clip, which highlights the tourist attractions in the region, took six weeks to shoot over the course of two months and two seasons. The effortless blending of multiple photography techniques and precise After Effects work culminates in a breathtaking finished product which pushes boundaries and leaves no doubt as to why Whitworth's videos have over 9 million online views.

Food Styling Secrets Revealed

The art of making food product shots appear mouth-watering and appealing on camera is certainly a well-honed skill. This gift, referred to as food styling, is commonplace on film sets, cooking shows, and food photography. This video by RocketJump Film School explores just how you can improve your own food photography in five simple steps.

Fstoppers Reviews the Dell UP2516D Wide Gamut Monitor

During the recent years, Dell launched its affordable UltraSharp Premier Color wide gamut monitor series in different screen size and resolution options. The features and technical specs of Premier Color monitors are impressive on paper, but how about the real results? After spending 3 months with 4 different units of the 25-inch model, I have finally completed my in-depth review.

How Do You Clean Your Camera's Sensor?

Spots on your images caused by dust on the sensor can be frustrating and hard to deal with, especially when you have lots of images waiting to be retouched. Although most recent cameras have built-in sensor-cleaning mechanisms, the dust inside your camera should be removed completely in order to prevent existing dust particles from clinging onto the sensor again and again. There are lots of products on the market, but which one you should choose?

Color Matching for Print Is Easier Than Ever

Printing photos is a technical and complicated process, especially when it comes to getting accurate colors on paper. If you want to print your own photos, your monitor, the software you use, your printer, and the paper type should be in harmony to get the same colors and depth you create on screen. To make the color matching process easy and hassle-free, EIZO has created a software solution in collaboration with Adobe, Epson, and Canon: EIZO Quick Color Match.

An Alternative to VFX: Interactive Dynamic Video

Science meets art once again. Abe Davis, a computer science PhD student at MIT, recently published a research about interaction with the objects in videos, by measuring and mapping the vibrations of their movements. His project, which he developed with Justin Chen and Fredo Durand, and patented by MIT, aims to be used both in engineering and videography.

Fstoppers Reviews the Nikon AF-S 28mm f/1.8G Wide-Angle Prime Lens

As a former standard zoom lens user, I noticed that 28mm was one of my most preferred focal lengths according to the metadata in my image catalog. Seeing this choice that I've made subconsciously, as well as the obvious advantages of using primes, I finally decided to switch all my zoom lenses with primes. The Nikon AF-S 28mm f/1.8G was my final choice for a wide-angle prime. So far, it looks like I've made a good decision.

Custom PC Building Guide for Photography and Video

I had been using a Mac since I first started photography and retouching. Over the years, I upgraded my Macs and used them without a problem, and all software that I have been using worked flawlessly. The Mac has several advantages such as ease of use, a perfect interface (OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is still my favorite by the way), advanced file and folder tagging, and security, but there was a problem that led me to change my mind and switch to Windows: very high price tags and limited customization options.

Tips for Photographers and Retouchers for Handling a Commercial Photo Shoot

Despite being one of the best jobs in the world, photography and retouching are both technical processes in which you usually deal with some problems and find solutions afterwards. Every shoot is a different problem to be solved, and mostly, this is the fun part of this job. But sometimes, you have to be prepared when dealing with large amounts of photos with a tight deadline. So, here are some tips for fast-paced workflows for a commercial photo shoot.

A Tribute to Blue Screen Photography and Compositing

Beyond any doubt, the effects and compositing techniques used in the first three films of Star Wars trilogy were the game changer in VFX world. Although there has been a rapid improvement in the VFX technology for the last 40 years, we can say that Star Wars was one of the pioneers. So, how was that possible to achieve realistic results in a movie produced in 1980? Mark Vargo explains the mathematics, optics, engineering, and software behind the blue screen photography and compositing in detail.