Color Matching for Print Is Easier Than Ever

Printing photos is a technical and complicated process, especially when it comes to getting accurate colors on paper. If you want to print your own photos, your monitor, the software you use, your printer, and the paper type should be in harmony to get the same colors and depth you create on screen. To make the color matching process easy and hassle-free, EIZO has created a software solution in collaboration with Adobe, Epson, and Canon: EIZO Quick Color Match. 

Considering all the effort and time spent on matching the colors on screen and print, EIZO Quick Color Match makes this process easier than ever with a single click. According to EIZO, you just drag and drop your photo to the Quick Color Match software, it automatically opens Photoshop, and subsequently changes the color space and settings according to the printer profile and the paper type that you want to use. Usually, this process takes longer than this, as you have to use additional software and tools for printer calibration; however, with the supported monitor and printer models and the support of Adobe Photoshop, printing professional-grade photos at home should be easier and faster. 

You can download the software from EIZO Global's website for free. At the moment, it supports the ColorEdge CS, ColorEdgeCX, and ColorEdge CG series, as well as Canon's Pixma Pro and Epson's Stylus Photo series photo printers. For an in-depth screen-to-print matching guide and full list of supported devices, don't forget to check out this link.

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Bjoern Hirsch's picture

Cant install the Color Match SW of a OSX MAC with installed Epson R3000 printer, the software is looking for the Epson Print Layout SW V 1.3.1 or higher ... but only 1.3.0 is available on Epson 's support web site so Eizo's Color Match Install stops . Second .. why to support only Photoshop and not Lightroom as well ?

Bjoern Hirsch's picture

checked with epson and the needed plug in version 1.3.1 is unkown outside Japan .. :-(

Jon Wolding's picture

Wah wah waaaah... it'll work eventually though. I'd love to not have to work so hard with tracking down printers' (hardware and services, in this case) ICC profiles and whatnot.

Anonymous's picture

So this just uses a generic printer profile? Seems a little less impressive but I'm not sure what else I expected.

Penny Swinfield's picture

Hi Guys, Penny from Eizo here. You can download Print Layout 1.3.1 from, you go to downloads, then select 'large format printers' and then your printer name. We have been testing this here in Australia - on both Epson and Canon platforms (Epson P800, Canon Image ProGraf Pro 1000). This utility adjusts the Eizo monitor for decent facsimile of the final print. It also simplifies the colour workflow a little, for those who haven't had the pleasure of a Les Walkling workshop ;o) For a list of compatible monitors/printers/software, visit:

Tashi Namgyal's picture

greetings from Himalaya... this regarding the epson ink... how old ink can we use... as i have old stock of used 7ml ink that i want to you in case of difficulties of courier???? i have 9900 epson