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Articles written by Mike O'Leary

What Is Sharp Thinking With Its New 8K Camera?

At CES 2019, Sharp is displaying a prototype which they claim will be the world's first prosumer 8K camera. Interesting, sure — but why? Have a look at this video for a humorous view of the situation.

Save Nearly $1,200 on Nikon's New Z6 Filmmaker Kit

Nikon has just announced that it's putting together a neat little package that contains everything an aspiring videographer needs to enter the pro market. And discounts on gear aren't the only things on offer.

Eight Ways to Use Your Gimbal for Cinematic Shots

Got a gimbal for Christmas? I didn't, but I'm not bitter about it at all. In fact, I'm so happy for you that I thought I'd share this video by The Slanted Lens to help you on your way to getting some smooth, cinematic shots.

Thomas Heaton Responds to Critics in the Best Way Possible

British landscape photographer and YouTube personality Thomas Heaton came in for a bit of heat recently after he botched one of his latest videos that features Fujifilm's latest medium format camera, the GFX 50R. However, he didn't just get stick for that, so he decides to wipe the slate clean for 2019 by taking it all on the chin like the pro that he is.

Full Portrait Edit Tutorial in Photoshop in Just Under Six Minutes

Nathaniel Dodson of Tutvid brings us another lesson in Photoshop mastery, as he flies through a portrait edit lickety-split. If you're a little green to editing portraits, however, you might want to view this video a few times, because the methods are widely used.

Photography and Mental Health

Sometimes, life decides to throw a load of crap at you. It's up to you how you deal with it.

Borderline Stupidity Saved My Photography Trip

A few weeks ago, I spent two days in Doha, the capital of Qatar, especially to shoot some of its amazing architecture. And due to a little serendipitous oversight, I ended up getting exactly what I wanted.

What Would You Do If You Were Unable to Work?

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if you were unable to work? I talked to one such photographer about his experience with a near catastrophic injury, and the fallout surrounding it in regards to his business.

Fstoppers Interviews Fine Art Photographer Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak’s evocative fine art photography is simple and clean in its style, yet it draws the viewer inward, precipitating a contemplative mood with bold surrealist imagery and cool color tones. Fstoppers had the opportunity to interview the artist recently. Delve deeper into his work here.

Create a Haunting Image in a Small Studio

It's the time of year to get creepy and creative with your photography. And no better man to put shivers down your spine than Adorama TV's, Gavin Hoey.

A Refreshingly Honest Travel Photography Vlog

Like the most popular Instagram profiles, a lot of Youtube photography vlogs have become incredibly formulaic. This video, by wedding and travel photographer Taylor Jackson, deliberately breaks from the successful formula to give the viewer some much needed honesty.

Taking a Break From Instagram

Some people thrive in the social media arena. However, others find it a battle not worth fighting.