Eight Ways to Use Your Gimbal for Cinematic Shots

Got a gimbal for Christmas? I didn't, but I'm not bitter about it at all. In fact, I'm so happy for you that I thought I'd share this video by The Slanted Lens to help you on your way to getting some smooth, cinematic shots.

There are plenty of tips and tricks online that try to help people to get smooth handheld video. Holding the camera with two hands while using the camera strap around your neck as a stabilizer is good in a pinch and if you can't afford any new gear. But nothing really beats a good gimbal, and the competition between brands is getting spicy right now, so prices are dropping. 

As J.P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens shows in this video, it's a lot easier to get those smooth movie style shots with a motorized gimbal. He's using the Tilta Gravity G2, which retails for roughly $19 less than its DJI equivalent, the Ronin-S. The major difference in the specs between the two is that the Ronin-S comes with a focus wheel attached, while you have to fork out an extra $229 the Tilta's Nucleus-Nano focus attachment. Why so pricey? The Nucleus-Nano can be used wirelessly by a second operator. It's a neat little feature that could be really handy in certain situations. Or, you could just forsake the second operator and just go for the $599 Moza Air 2

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davidlovephotog's picture

I just can't watch a video that looks horrible telling me about better video tricks.

Jeremy Lusk's picture

Agreed. The moves are all fine, but not one of those shots looks like an example of "here's what you should be doing."

JetCity Ninja's picture

posting a "helpful" video from "The Slanted Lens" undermines your claim of not being bitter.

Anthony N's picture

Poor J.P. Morgan...he seems so wholesome that it makes me feel guilty for not liking any of his videos. For whatever reason I watch them whenever they pop up on my feed, but invariably I always leave thinking he's not that good at what he was trying to teach.