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Learn How to Make Hair Color Stand Out in Photoshop

We spend so much time talking about how to retouch faces in portraits, but we rarely pay as much attention to the hair. However, hair can take up just as much (if not more) space in a portrait as the face, and it's what frames the features. Phlearn is here with a great tutorial on how to really make hair pop and take your images up a notch.

Men Watch Themselves Get Photoshopped to the Same Standards As Women

"We're constantly looking at images that have been Photoshopped; we only notice it when it goes a step too far," note the Try Guys. There's an ongoing debate about society's conception of the female body and just how much post-processing is too much. To really explore the idea, though, the group held a shoot in which they recreated infamous Photoshop disasters to understand just how far these "ideals" are pushed.