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Alex Cooke
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Four Ways to Get Smooth Video Footage (Three for Free)

There was a time when smooth, stable footage was the stuff of Hollywood, while us lowly plebeians dabbled with our shaky VHS home movies. But now, I can order laundry detergent delivered to my door by pressing a button on my washing machine and those magical devices in our pockets shoot in 4K. Here are four great ways to get with the times and give your footage that smooth, cinematic look.

Get Great Macro Photography Results on a Budget Using a Kit Lens

Macro photography is one of those genres that almost all of us want to try, but few of us specialize in. If it's your niche, you've probably already invested in dedicated equipment, but if you're just dabbling, you'd likely prefer to avoid purchasing an entire setup. This great video will walk you through the process of shooting and show you what can accomplish with a minimal setup.