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How to Shoot B-Roll for Your Video Work

B-roll is important stuff. It keeps your viewer's experience from becoming stagnant, and it can be used to explain or elaborate on the main footage. It's entirely its own art to shoot, and this helpful tutorial will give you great tips to get more and better b-roll footage for your video work.

Should You Go Into Debt to Purchase Photo and Video Equipment?

It's not exactly a secret that photography and videography equipment can be expensive — like "you can live with only one kidney, right?" expensive. And so, when it comes time to purchase that five-figure camera, you may have to make some difficult decisions, including possibly going into debt to be able to afford it. But is that the right decision? This helpful video gives you some questions to ask yourself before you commit to living life in the red.

How Canon Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus Works

Not too long ago, using autofocus in video was slow, unreliable, and generally unacceptable. Companies have been working to make it viable for filmmakers, with Canon's solution being Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus, which has generally been lauded for its performance. Here's a neat, short video on how it works.

Instagram Is Clamping Down on Sneaky Sponsored Posts

Sneaky advertising is annoying. People often use their social media following to their advantage, featuring paid content to promote products, but the problem is that they often don't disclose that, leaving the consumer possibly tricked into believing it's an honest endorsement. With both the FTC and Instagram itself taking notice of this problematic trend, the company is introducing a new feature to help eliminate the issue.

Filmmaking Tips for Younger Filmmakers

When you're first starting in filmmaking, the veritable plethora of techniques, equipment, skills, and the like you have to have can seem like an impossible bunch to conquer. Being younger is yet another challenge. This video gives some helpful tips and advice to younger up and coming filmmakers.