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What It's Like to Go Full-Time on YouTube

For many photographers, videographers, and creatives, the dream career is something along the lines of being paid to fly around the world and create content while maintaining an active and successful Internet presence. This landscape photographer seems to have achieved that, and in this video, he talks about the process, his daily life, and his sources of income.

How to Create Rain in Photoshop

Rain can be a great addition to an image, as it can communicate so many things: sadness, romance, etc. We don't really get much control over when it happens, however, and even if you're handy with a garden hose, spraying water everywhere probably won't be appreciated by your model or your camera equipment. Here's how to fake it using Photoshop.

10 Helpful Tips for Finding Models to Shoot

You've got that fancy new lens and a great concept for a shoot, and now, all you need is a model. Finding models to collaborate with is an art in itself, and making sure you're going about it the right way can be the difference between a successful shoot and a concept that is never brought to fruition. Here are 10 useful tips to get you off and running.

Should Drone Insurance Be Required?

Drone manufacturers and legislators are constantly working to adapt to each other and to create a framework in which operators can work safely alongside everything else in the air. As part of that, the insurance industry is trying to tackle the new landscape. Should drone insurance be mandatory?

How to Find Where You're Going in Photography

It happens to all of us: we get our first professional camera, and all of a sudden, everything is photogenic, everything is beautiful. But eventually, if we want to make a living from photography, we have to narrow down the genres we shoot, the gear we use, the style in which we edit, etc. This great video explores how to give your photography career a direction.