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The 10 Best Uses of Color in Film

I was initially drawn to photography mostly because of color. I find its usage both beautiful and fascinating and a power narrative tool. This great video celebrates some of the best uses of color in all of film.

Photographing Beautiful and Monstrous Waves

I've lived on the shores of Lake Erie my entire life and can readily attest that it can a very unkind body of water. Photographer Dave Sandford takes advantage of this by wading into the tumultuous waves to capture and showcase their beauty.

Three Objects, Three Dimensions: Creating Dynamic Light

No matter what genre of photography you shoot, anyone can benefit from learning to better sculpt light in their images. This great video not only shows you how to light one object, but also how to light several objects to create dimensionality and clarity in your images.

Why Landscape Photography Isn't Always Glamorous

As we start filming our newest tutorial, "Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3," this seems like a timely video. When we see the gorgeous images landscape photographers produce, it's easy to think that landscape photography is an ideal profession for spending all one's time taking images of the most beautiful places on the planet, but the reality isn't always that glamorous.

18 of the Most Creative Music Videos

The music video might be the perfect vehicle for an artistic statement: It's succinct, it has a built-in springboard, and it's conducive to both abstract and literal statements. Here are 18 of the most creative and interesting music videos out there.

How to Detect and Eliminate Color Casts From LED Video Lights

Often, lower-priced LED panels will have a color cast that can be difficult to correct in post, particularly if you're working with mixed lighting. This great video shows both how to detect the issue and how to correct it.

Why We Print Photographs

I stumbled across this video the other day and ended up watching all of it. It's a great talk on why there are still merits to printing our work in an increasingly all-digital world.

Agricultural Drones Will Be a $2.9 Billion Industry by 2021

As the farming industry continues to modernize and turn to automation, the role and importance of drones are exploding in the industry – so much so that the agricultural drone market is supposed to quadruple in value in just four short years.

Three Common Misconceptions Photographers Have About Histograms

Histograms are a very useful tool for checking that you haven't clipped any blacks or whites in a scene and ensuring you have a proper exposure. However, they're often misunderstood. This great video clears up some misconceptions and shows exactly why they're useful and how they should be used.

You'll Soon Be Able to Shoot Log Video on Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is about to take another step toward becoming a professional videography tool. Filmic Pro will soon be releasing an update that will include a log mode, increasing the app's versatility and capabilities all the more.

NASA Creates Supercomputer Simulation of Drone to Understand Aerodynamics

"NASA Supercomputer" and "DJI Phantom 3" are not words I ever expected to hear in the same sentence. Nonetheless, using advanced computer analysis, the agency has created this simulation of a drone's aerodynamics to help design better models in the future. It's pretty neat to watch.

Preorder Fstoppers Newest Tutorial, 'Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3'

Fstoppers is heading back out on the road with Elia Locardi to film the latest installment of "Photographing the World." This time time around, the gang will be heading to the Alps, Dubai, and a few countries in South America as they explore even more advanced landscape techniques and post processing. Now is your chance to sign up for early bird access to Elia's new tutorial and to watch a sneak peek video of Elia's crazy travel lifestyle courtesy of Smugmug!