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'Voices of Jerusalem' Is a Stunning Video Tour of the City

Jerusalem is an incredibly historic city overflowing with people and culture, and successfully capturing and representing its many facets is not an easy undertaking. This amazing short film certainly pulls it off.

Ten Non-Photography Items Every Landscape Photographer Should Carry

Landscape photography brings with it its own special set of challenges and risks. But beyond your filters and spare batteries, you're going to want to carry some extra non-photography gear to make sure you're in tip-top shape to capture those beautiful shots.

"What Democracy Looks Like" Is a Fascinating Snapshot of Trump Inauguration Weekend

Inauguration weekend was an absolute whirlwind for Washington D.C. as well as the nation at large. Opposing forces converged on the nation's capital, and this short film from NPR is a striking encapsulation of the events and people of varying personalities, gender, beliefs, race, and walks of life that made their voices heard as Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States.

Researchers Record 'Photonic Boom' at 100 Billion Frames Per Second

We've all heard of sonic booms, which occur when the shock waves produced by an object traveling faster than the speed of sound accumulate to produce a giant pressure wave, but what about "photonic" booms? Researchers have just shown that indeed, light exhibits the same effect, and they used a camera that records 100,000,000,000 frames per second to show it.

The 10 Best Uses of Color in Film

I was initially drawn to photography mostly because of color. I find its usage both beautiful and fascinating and a power narrative tool. This great video celebrates some of the best uses of color in all of film.

Photographing Beautiful and Monstrous Waves

I've lived on the shores of Lake Erie my entire life and can readily attest that it can a very unkind body of water. Photographer Dave Sandford takes advantage of this by wading into the tumultuous waves to capture and showcase their beauty.

Three Objects, Three Dimensions: Creating Dynamic Light

No matter what genre of photography you shoot, anyone can benefit from learning to better sculpt light in their images. This great video not only shows you how to light one object, but also how to light several objects to create dimensionality and clarity in your images.

Why Landscape Photography Isn't Always Glamorous

As we start filming our newest tutorial, "Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3," this seems like a timely video. When we see the gorgeous images landscape photographers produce, it's easy to think that landscape photography is an ideal profession for spending all one's time taking images of the most beautiful places on the planet, but the reality isn't always that glamorous.

18 of the Most Creative Music Videos

The music video might be the perfect vehicle for an artistic statement: It's succinct, it has a built-in springboard, and it's conducive to both abstract and literal statements. Here are 18 of the most creative and interesting music videos out there.