5 Helpful Tips for New Drone Users

Drones are more capable, portable, and affordable than ever, and they are a fantastic photography and filmmaking tool and simply a ton of fun to fly. Nonetheless, they take a different approach than using a normal camera. This helpful video will give you five tips for working with a drone for the first time.

Coming to you from Billy Kyle, this great video discusses five tips for beginner drone flyers, with a specific focus on the new DJI Mini 2, though the tips generally apply to most drone models. Personally, the one thing that tripped me up for a long time was remembering to level the gimbal. Often, the gimbal is off by a degree or two, and that can lead to all your photos having a tilted horizon. And given the limited resolution of drone cameras, you do not want to waste resolution as a result of having to correct the horizon in post. I have made it a habit to take 10 seconds to aim the camera at the horizon when I first take off to check that the gimbal is completely level and make any adjustments if necessary. It saves a lot of headaches later on. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Kyle. 

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