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If You Love Photography Don’t Become A Professional

The dream of becoming a professional photographer is extremely common. It looks like a glamorous gig, but it’s not as simple as getting paid to take photos. Becoming a pro photographer also means becoming an entrepreneur, and that’s way harder than learning how to shoot on M.

Instant Film Is More Meaningful Than Digital Photography

I recently picked up a Mint RF70, a fully manual camera designed to accept Fuji’s Instax Wide film. After capturing a few images with it over the past few days, I’m reminded of why I love instant film so much. Yes, it’s magical watching a print develop right in front of you, but that has nothing to do with why instant film is so exceptional.

Hands on With the Phase One XT: A Digital Medium Format Field Camera

Phase One’s new XT is the modern-day version of the large format field camera, complete with field camera movements and spectacular large format style lenses. Its distinctive design combined with an IQ4 brain and its innovative tools make for a head-turning technical camera solution.

The New Phase One Lab Gives IQ4 150MP Owners An Impressive New Tool

Phase One Labs is a new function available for Phase One IQ4 150MP and 150 Achromatic digital back owners. The lab offers beta versions of features currently in development, allowing photographers to provide feedback for future releases. Even though it’s only in beta, the first feature is a doozy.

Dealing With Fear as a Photographer

Fear is a dangerous thing. We all have to find ways to deal with it and maybe even use it to our advantage. Unfortunately, I let fear make decisions early in my career, and I'm still feeling the effects. If you struggle with putting your work out in the open, maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

Hands On With The Phase One IQ4 150MP: Can You Shoot Long Exposures at 1/125s?

Like them or not, medium format cameras are the truth when it comes to image quality. The latest 150 megapixel juggernaut from Phase One is another example of what these systems are capable of, but there's far more to this back than just sheer resolution. Ever shot long exposures at 1/125s?

Around this time last year Phase One released the IQ4 line of digital backs. The IQ4 expanded on the IQ3 and introduced a new Infinity Platform (the UI and operating system in the backs), as well as two brand new sensors: the 151 megapixel full frame medium format IQ4 150MP and 150MP...

Storyboarding: Too Useful and Too Easy Not to Do

Filmmaking requires a lot of forethought and discipline to stay organized. For those of us interested in recording our toes dipping into the proverbial water, it's a good idea to learn to storyboard. In this video, photographer Iz Harris breaks down her simple process for those new to the concept.

The Insane Flexibility of Medium Format Raw in Capture One Pro 12

Every now and then, it's nice to be reminded of how spoiled we are and how much information really lives inside our raw files. Whenever we capture a raw image, we have a plethora of information at our disposal. That's all well and good, but this one example really helps bring it home.

How Dirty Gear Can Make for More Engaging Photos

Most of us go to great lengths to keep our gear nice and clean. The last thing you want is for your lens to affect your images simply because of how downright filthy it is, unless that's exactly what you want. This video shows you how occasionally letting your gear get dirty can be a good thing.

How Starting a YouTube Channel Got Me Out of a Creative Rut

For years, I considered myself purely a stills photographer. I resisted video like the plague. Little did I know that creating a YouTube channel to document an unrelated project would promote my creativity in ways I couldn't predict.

Why You Should Be Using Both Sessions and Catalogs In Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is a behemoth of a raw converter. Its ability not only to bring out amazing detail in raw files but also to efficiently organize photos before, during, and after a shoot is truly impressive. If you haven't used Capture One before, or if you're just getting started, here are some suggestions for how to get the most out of the software's approach to organization.

How Critiquing the Photography of Others Improves Your Own

Asking for feedback on your own images is a healthy practice and can help improve your work. Learning how to give quality feedback to other photographers not only contributes to the community and helps fellow image makers, but it can also improve your own photography.