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James Gerrish
Croton on Hudson, NY

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Here Are 11 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Often Make

When you're first starting out in photography, it can feel absolutely overwhelming trying to learn, assimilate, and execute the information and techniques you need to know in tandem with your artistic vision. This helpful video will show you 11 common mistakes beginners make to help you avoid them and advance your work more quickly.

Five Hidden Gems in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is incredibly complex. In such vast software, there are options you would likely never find on your own. Here are five hidden gems that you might not yet know about.

How to Turn Pro in 2018

2018 is certainly well underway. It’s getting toward the time of year where we start to let our goals slip. In the UK, summer has arrived and it's far more appealing to sit in a beer garden than it is to lock yourself away at your desk.

Obsession: The Divide Between Making Hundreds to Thousands as a Professional Photographer

I’ve learned a lot over the past 15 years as a professional artist. I’ve learned a lot about fear, failure, and success. I’ve been fortunate enough to mentor and educate thousands of photographers all over the world. Even as a young four-year photographer who many would still consider “green,” I’ve taught photographers from all walks of life, all levels of advancement, and even some who had reached a level of comfortable success.

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