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Phil Blair
New York, NY

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Stormy Weather over Manhattan

I was able to capture the storm clouds as they rolled over Manhattan yesterday from my office. I did three bracketed shots and merged them together in Lightroom. Looking for some feedback. I am happy with the results but feel there is always something I may be missing that can make the shot even better. Let me know.



Three Huge Reasons Every Photographer Should Be Writing

When the general public picture photographers, they tend to envision a creative individual who goes out and snaps away at anything and everything that inspires them; architecture, nature, sports, or whatever assignment they've been put on. It's likely that they never think of the hours we spend marketing, writing proposals, editing, doing book-keeping, etc.

Critique the Community Motion

Submit your best images that incorporate "motion" for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial

This week's Critique the Community strays from our normal trend of genre specific photography and opens up submissions to any images that incorporate motion. 

This contest has ended.

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