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Mark Dunsmuir
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Articles written by Mark Dunsmuir

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Your Photography: Hahnemühle's Green Papers

Optical printing is a dirty and time-consuming process. The chemicals involved in printing are bad for you and bad for the environment. Digital printing hasn’t changed much of this impact for the better. The chemicals used to treat photographic printer paper aren’t great for the environment. The paper itself uses a significant amount of resources to cultivate. Do you ever wonder if there is a better alternative?

A Decade of Filmmaking: Ranking the Best?

New Year's Eve is a great spot from which to look back over the year and evaluate the ups and downs of the previous 365 days. For filmmakers, it's a great time to take stock of the year's best of lists. When time is running out for an entire decade, this means that there is an extra special treat: best of the decade lists! Do you have favorite films from this closing decade?

Switching to Mirrorless? A Wildlife Photographer's View: Michelle Valberg

Imagine you’re somewhere deep in the Pacific Rain Forest to take pictures of the elusive spirit bear. It’s wet, and it’s cold. On top of that, the light is patchy, the shadows are dark. There’s a bit of movement down river. You lift your camera to your eye to capture the moment. In your imagination, what were you holding? A DSLR and a long lens? In actual fact, for some photographers, more and more often, it’s a mirrorless kit.